The winter season is here again bringing cooler weather, shorter days, and the reminder that it’s time to remove that tree off your property. Winter might turn your yard into a winter wonderland, but it can easily turn into a nightmare. Snowstorms can cause property damage due to dead trees falling or weakened branches breaking because of heavy snow. Instead of worrying about property damage, now is the time to stop it before it happens with Oxford CT tree removal.

As the winter months progress, it brings on the freezing low temperatures known to freeze the ground and cover branches with ice. Heavy snow can cause branches to break and fall sometimes causing power outages. Thanks to the Fall and lack of leaves, a simple look at the structure of the trees will be easy for our technicians to assess if they need to trim anything.

Due to freezing temperatures, the ground starts to harden making it easier for large equipment to get to on your property, however, the task becomes harder if the ground is covered in snow. The lack of leaves makes cleanup easier since all the leaves have fallen off. Removal of the stomp will be pushed back until the spring due to the ground freezing, but once it thaws it will be easy to uproot.

Winter is the perfect reminder to get diseased or dead trees and weakened branches off your property before it starts to snow. If you’re in need of tree cutting Oxford CT removal services this winter in Oxford, CT, contact Precision Cutting Services at 203-466-2400 or go on our site and a request a free quote now!