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Why Choose Precision Cutting Services

The testimonial below we sent to us following a recent job. We work to earn this level of appreciation from every customer!

To: Precision Cutting Services; Paul, Yolanda, and Crew,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent services you delivered in the removal of the four trees from my yard and the dead tree from my neighbors yard.

From quote to job completion your company exhibited outstanding professionalism, precision tree removal as the company name implies, and exceptional care of my property during the whole process – I am quite impressed and very happy with the outcome of the tree removals, stump grinding, and how you left the property in such good shape upon departure that it is hardly evident that trees once stood where they were removed from. A casual observer would not really know that four large trees recently loomed over my house and back yard. I am especially grateful to you for pointing out that one of the Norwood Maple Trees was cracked by a recent Hurricane and was in danger of falling which you managed safely to remove without even so much as a scratch or damage to the fence that it was growing next to. Amazing.

Your crew were so careful, that even the removal of the 5-story Norwood Maple tree that had grown to be no more than six inches from the back of my house and surrounded by a deck did not set off the vibration/glass sensor of my home security system, which by the way is exceptionally sensitive to the degree that even a small ball that hits the house and rattles the windows will set the alarm off! My neighbors kids set the alarm off accidentally one day by hitting the back porch with a basketball for example. Again – Amazing!!!

The Precision Cutting Services crew was respectful, polite, professional, and exceptionally skilled; they are remarkably outstanding. I was awed by the way you were able to get all the equipment into my yard which is in the middle of the block and surrounded by homes on all sides, remove and replace the fence, take down the trees, cut out the decking around the largest tree while preserving half of the deck, grind the stumps to ground level and leave the property looking as if you hadn’t been here at all! I still can hardly believe it!

Thank you Paul, and my thanks to your crew and Yolanda for helping to guide this very complex and complicated tree removal job that no other company was capable, able or willing to complete! I will not hesitate to recommend your company to any and all I meet that need tree removal services including the VA Hospital Grounds Crew Manager the next time he visits my office in the Hospital Ward that I work in.Thank you all so very much.