Connecticut is a state that is blessed with different trees, plants, forests, and historic resources. The locales take pride in the trees and make efforts to preserve the natural landscape of the state. Amongst the different types available, it is the large trees that catch the attention of the visitor. Here is a description of the types of large trees that you can find in the area.

Red Maple

The tree type is a common sight in areas of eastern, north, and Central America. It is also the most common native tree in North-East America and is a sight to behold and admire.

Yellow Birch

Another beautiful tree in the list of large trees in Connecticut is the yellow birch. The esteemed native species have an incredible fall display that consists of bright gold and yellow leaves. The tree is classified as one of the largest hardwoods in North America.

Black Birch

In addition to looking breathtaking, the giant tree type in Connecticut is also used for treating diarrhea. Of the total native trees found in the region, 10% is the black birch trees and are used to create an elixir that is used to purge the body.

Sugar Maple

Another tree in the list is the sugar maple; the tree is significantly large and can grow up to a height of 35 meters. The tree is also known for living more than 200 years and has yellowish-green leaves that measure between 8-20 centimeters.

Northern Red Oak

While it may be the symbol of New Jersey, the northern red oak occupies a special place in the heart of the residents of Connecticut. The oak tree is renowned for its distinct looks and is part of the red oak group.