Having trees on your property provides so many benefits – not only are trees aesthetically pleasant, they provide cool shade in the summer months and can be a perfect place for kids to run and play. As every homeowner knows, however, trees can require some maintenance, and evaluation if there is a question about the condition of the tree. If a tree has some visible damage, it might be tough to decide when and how to remove the tree, and at an affordable cost. Those in need of Monroe tree removal should look no further than Precision Cutting Services for any and all tree removal needs. With a free estimate, we will gladly evaluate any tree and give good, sound advice. Regular commercial landscaping maintenance can be an invaluable resource for identifying and dealing with trees that may present a problem in the future.

The first step to seeing if a tree should be removed is to check for any obvious signs of damage. Any tree that is over 50 percent dead should be removed unless it is in absolutely no position to do damage to its surroundings. Any tree on a residential property with a fair amount of damage should most likely be removed. Other than the obvious, how can one tell if a tree is damaged?

A good place to start is taking a good look at the trunk. If there are vertical cracks around the trunk of the tree, especially with no regrowth of bark, this is a good sign that the tree is damaged, dead, or dying. Root damage can also be tough to spot, but roots that are breaking up through the earth, or have caused the tree to lean are both indicative of a dead or dying tree. Fungus near the roots or trunk is also a clear sign of damage.

Dead branches with no leaf growth may also be a sign of a dead tree, but can also simply be dead branches. The experts at Precision Cutting Services can easily tell if just some branches need to be removed, or the entire tree. If all of the dead branches are on one side of the tree, that is a telltale sign that the tree should be removed. If there are just a few dead branches spread throughout the tree, perhaps just those branches should be eradicated.

To find out more about how we can help keep you and your property safe, please give Precision Cutting Services a call at (203) 466-2400 to speak with a member of our staff. We are happy to come to take a look at any tree problem you may have, and provide a free estimate.