Whether you are dealing with dead, diseased or damaged trees, or you’re pruning and planting, you should consider calling a local tree expert. When they’re properly planted and maintained, your trees can easily become the focal point of your yard. You may think they’re a hassle-free part of your outdoor life, but trees can easily become damaged or overgrown—which means that you need an arborist’s help.


All trees need periodic pruning for overall good health. However, over-pruning can cause severe damage. A certified tree care pro can determine when and how much to prune. They can also remove dead and damaged branches, cut trees back to encourage new growth, and improve the aesthetics of your trees. A pruning may be a good idea if a tree’s growth is interfering with your home’s roof or nearby power lines. By getting an expert’s advice, you’ll be assured that your trees will be pruned without causing damage.


While tree removal is usually done as a final resort, if one of your trees is in a bad location or if it’s too sick, removal may be the best option. Before opting for removal, ask a Branford tree service pro if this is the right thing to do. In many cases, an arborist can treat a sickly tree, nursing it back to vitality and health. However, if a tree does need to be removed, you should never try to do it yourself.

Damaged and Diseased Trees

When a tree contracts a disease or is damaged, a tree care professional can help to repair it. The efficient, safe removal of limbs and the treatment of disease are just some of the services an arborist can provide. Tree care pros can identify diseases, offer treatment solutions and rid trees of infestations.


If you want to plant new trees but you want to choose species that will thrive in Connecticut’s climate, you should call a local arborist. Durham tree service and care specialists know which trees are suited to the region, and they can choose the right tree for any location. Local arborists know what to expect from various types of trees, which can help you prepare for their future growth and make selections that work in the long term.
Whether you are planting trees or looking to improve the ones you already have, a tree care expert is the right person for the job. With an arborist’s knowledge and advice, you can have trees that are an asset to your home and land.