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Keeping Up With Winter Property Maintenance

Tree cutting in Connecticut is necessary when the Wintertime rolls around. If you want a great looking lawn all year round, then now is the time to have your lawn and trees inspected by Precision Cutting Services. Here at Precision Cutting Services, we have been in business for over 20 years. Each of our tree cutting specialists have at least five years of experience operating equipment and climbing trees before even beginning the job. We are licensed and insured, providing you save tree removal for all four seasons of the year!

Precision Cutting Services will never ask you for your payment until the job is finished to your liking. Our positive reviews and BBB certification lets you know that we are a reliable company that shows customer dedication. Our full-service landscape company takes care of both commercial and residential properties with:

  • Cutting and removal of dead trees
  • Cutting and trimming branches
  • Evaluating Leaning Trees
  • Stump grinding
  • Landscaping services

So if your property has an issue with a tree to close to a building or one that looks like it is decaying, do not wait to take care of the issue. Don’t let your commercial landscaping Branford, CT go too long without a tree inspection. Trees that are dangerous that are not addressed right away can cause property damage or injury to people if they fall. Precision Cutting Services will offer a free evaluation to examine your trees and see if they are healthy.

With 20 years in combined knowledge, design, installation, Branford tree cutting and lawn and plant care – Precision Cutting Services can help with whatever your property needs. From regular tree maintenance and branch cutting to emergency tree services, we can be there for all of your tree cutting and property maintenance needs. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to have your property well-maintained this Winter season!

Winter Tree Cutting in Oxford

The winter season is here again bringing cooler weather, shorter days, and the reminder that it’s time to remove that tree off your property. Winter might turn your yard into a winter wonderland, but it can easily turn into a nightmare. Snowstorms can cause property damage due to dead trees falling or weakened branches breaking because of heavy snow. Instead of worrying about property damage, now is the time to stop it before it happens with Oxford CT tree removal.

As the winter months progress, it brings on the freezing low temperatures known to freeze the ground and cover branches with ice. Heavy snow can cause branches to break and fall sometimes causing power outages. Thanks to the Fall and lack of leaves, a simple look at the structure of the trees will be easy for our technicians to assess if they need to trim anything.

Due to freezing temperatures, the ground starts to harden making it easier for large equipment to get to on your property, however, the task becomes harder if the ground is covered in snow. The lack of leaves makes cleanup easier since all the leaves have fallen off. Removal of the stomp will be pushed back until the spring due to the ground freezing, but once it thaws it will be easy to uproot.

Winter is the perfect reminder to get diseased or dead trees and weakened branches off your property before it starts to snow. If you’re in need of tree cutting Oxford CT removal services this winter in Oxford, CT, contact Precision Cutting Services at 203-466-2400 or go on our site and a request a free quote now!

Winter Time Tree Cutting is Necessary to Maintain a Healthy Property


If you are in need of tree cutting services during the winter, PCS is available for emergency tree removal 24/7. We understand that snowstorms have a large impact on landscape and tree health, which is why we will be there as soon as possible to help in case there are fallen branches or trees.

It is a great idea to prepare your trees for winter. Getting your trees inspected before the harsh Connecticut winter storms will help your trees to last a healthy life and bare the cold. Even if you take preventative measures with your trees such as: watering, pruning, mulch, etc – there is still a chance that your tree can become weak from the bitter cold. This can make your tree more vulnerable to cracking and disease.

When your trees are healthy, it is one less thing to worry about. You will ensure the safety of your home and family by having your trees inspected or removed if necessary. There are more obvious signs that a tree should be removed and more subtle ones that may not be seen with the eye. A tree can be damaged or diseased on the inside that would be difficult to notice unless you were a professional tree inspector. 
It is necessary to seek professional tree help especially during the winter. When snow starts falling on trees and branches, it weakens them. If your trees are already weak, this makes your trees more likely to fall and cause damage. Contact Precision Cutting Services for a free tree removal estimate, and manage at risk trees before a snowstorm!