Based on research done for a tree study in New Haven by Yale University, New Haven’s trees – like many other cities – were dying. The uncontrolable Dutch Elm Disease had spread to Dutch Elm Trees in the 1950’s and 1960’s in New Haven, and nearly wiped out their population. Still today, Dutch Elm Disease is affecting the Dutch Elm Trees that are left over. The once beautiful tree that gave New Haven so much history, was quickly being taken away from us.

As a response to the rapid tree loss, Mayor John DeStefano back in 2009 announced the “Tree Haven 10k”. This was a city-wide goal for New Haven to plant 10,000 trees in five years. New Haven, along with major cities such as Los Angeles and New York City, took up a strategy to promote tree growth. New Haven concentrated on areas that needed the most canopy cover by trees, for the best results for the environment. In fact, trees are great for the environment, consuming large amounts of air pollution. Urban cities are in much greater need of tree coverage than rural areas do to dense population. According to Nature World News, more than 80 percent of Americans live in urban areas, proving how important urban forests are to America. Trees are able to absorb about 48 pounds of Carbon Dioxide a year at its mature tenth year (or its most productive year).

Dutch Elm Trees, after they died, have been replaced with with Norway Maple trees. Although one in four trees in New Haven is a Norway Maple Tree, they have a short life span and are dying out. Major threats are spreading to the trees each year throughout the cities, and tree species seem to be suffering for it. The effort by New Haven to plant additional trees has proven to be a success as trees are once again lining streets of the city. Improvements need to be made with additional tree plantings, but progress has been made.

While there has been an increase in trees in New Haven county, the threat of unpredictable New England weather remains. From heavy winds and snow, to hail and occasional hurricanes, New England weather greatly varies. This ends up putting further stress on the trees, which can potentially destroy the them. In a heavy storm, trees can threaten urban areas if limbs or the whole tree falls. That is where Precision Cutting Services comes in hand with CT Tree Removal, to tackle emergency tree removal services. If you have a tree in need of removal and would like a free estimate, contact us today!