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Need to remove, trim or assess the safety of trees on your Derby, CT property? Call Precision Cutting Services and get a free work estimate! Our tree cutting company has been doing tree removals in Connecticut for decades, and we have happy customers all around the state!

Pick Precision Cutting Services for Derby tree removal because:

  • We don’t skimp on equipment or upgrades
  • We are extremely conscious and committed to safety
  • We have the skill to remove trees and branches that are close to or enmeshed with buildings
  • We take great care to pad the ground for our vehicles, so we don’t disturb soil, lawns or landscaping
  • We are the complete package: we can handle everything from branch removal to stump grinding/extraction

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Derby, CT Tree Service

Outdoor activities are enjoyed by both adults and children during all seasons, but tree service should be considered when thinking of your loved one’s safety. Old or decaying trees can pose a hazard to citizens, making everyday outdoor activities a serious hazard. If you think that your trees are in need care by our tree experts, call us today so you can once again enjoy your outdoor space worry free!

Derby, CT Tree Removal

Tree removal is needed for many reasons: Maybe a tree fell down during a hurricane, branches could have been loosened and weakened the tree during a major snowstorm, or maybe the tree is just going through its natural aging process. Regardless of the cause, trees that are in danger of falling must be taken care of right away.

If you are worried about a tree, have one of our tree removal experts look at it today! We will ensure your family’s safety, and take care of any tree that needs to be removed.

About Derby

Derby is an old town located in New Haven County, CT. It was settled in 1642 with the name Paugasset, starting out as an Indian Trading Post. it was named after Derby England in 1675 and became incorporated as a town in 1775.

Derby was a big manufacturing town, some of the products made there were hoop skirts and corsets. Silver was another big industry, and in 1872, the Derby Silver Company became a division of Meriden’s International Silver Company. From 1944-1986, Derby was home to a comic book company called Charlton Comics – now defunct, the company is now remembered for creating the characters that later served as inspiration for Alan Moore’s seminal “Watchmen”.

Although it’s the smallest city in Connecticut, Derby has a lot to offer to residents and businesses alike, and was recognized as an “All America City” in the year 2000.

Derby is located in the “valley” area of Connecticut, and has 5 square miles of land with a small population of 12,801 (2013 census). New England is a heavily wooded region, and falling trees and tree branches are always a risk. Strong winds and snow can cause trees and branches to loosen, waiting for the next storm to fall and break something important.

To prevent property damage from unstable or weak trees, do not wait until it is too late! Take preventative measures with tree cutting and tree removal in Derby done by the experts at Precision Cutting Services. We handle everything from major to minor tree incidents, so contact us today!

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