There are certain techniques and tricks to implement in your lawn to ensure thicker, healthier grass for the Summer season and beyond. Besides having a professional lawncare or Durham tree service on hand like Precision Cutting Services out of Milford, there are certain things that do not require the work of a professional. Other things like tree removal, grass cutting, plant bed design and tree trimming should be left to landscapers and tree removal professionals  with years of experience like Precision Cutting Services.


Grass Cutting

When cutting your grass during the Summer, the ideal height should not be too short. Setting the blades for your lawn mower as high as possible, comes with many benefits that keep both the grass and soil healthy. When you are finished mowing the lawn, you do not need to get rid of the grass clippings. It actually benefits your lawn when the clippings are mixed in with your grass, giving your soil the added nutrients it needs.

Weeding and Watering

Catching weeds before they begin to grow into a full weed is the best way to keep weeds from spreading. Any weeds that have just formed can be pulled out before they continue to spread into the soil. With watering, the perfect amount of water is needed on a weekly basis for the proper nutrition and growth of your grass. For most lawns, this means about an inch of water per week to soak the top 6-8 inches of soil – whether it is from rainwater or manual watering.

By maintaining your lawn, you are ensuring that your lawn remains healthy for not only the Summer but for all seasons. With routine lawn maintenance and Durham tree removal with Precision Cutting Services, you can keep your lawn healthy all year long. Other lawn maintenance that you can do yourself aside from professional work will help to maintain your healthy grass and keep your lawn looking spectacular. Contact Precision Cutting Services to help maintain your lawn with everything from tree services to grass cutting.