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Summer DIY Tips for Your Best Lawn This Summer

There are certain techniques and tricks to implement in your lawn to ensure thicker, healthier grass for the Summer season and beyond. Besides having a professional lawncare or Durham tree service on hand like Precision Cutting Services out of Milford, there are certain things that do not require the work of a professional. Other things like tree removal, grass cutting, plant bed design and tree trimming should be left to landscapers and tree removal professionals  with years of experience like Precision Cutting Services.


Grass Cutting

When cutting your grass during the Summer, the ideal height should not be too short. Setting the blades for your lawn mower as high as possible, comes with many benefits that keep both the grass and soil healthy. When you are finished mowing the lawn, you do not need to get rid of the grass clippings. It actually benefits your lawn when the clippings are mixed in with your grass, giving your soil the added nutrients it needs.

Weeding and Watering

Catching weeds before they begin to grow into a full weed is the best way to keep weeds from spreading. Any weeds that have just formed can be pulled out before they continue to spread into the soil. With watering, the perfect amount of water is needed on a weekly basis for the proper nutrition and growth of your grass. For most lawns, this means about an inch of water per week to soak the top 6-8 inches of soil – whether it is from rainwater or manual watering.

By maintaining your lawn, you are ensuring that your lawn remains healthy for not only the Summer but for all seasons. With routine lawn maintenance and Durham tree removal with Precision Cutting Services, you can keep your lawn healthy all year long. Other lawn maintenance that you can do yourself aside from professional work will help to maintain your healthy grass and keep your lawn looking spectacular. Contact Precision Cutting Services to help maintain your lawn with everything from tree services to grass cutting.

Keeping Up With Winter Property Maintenance

Tree cutting in Connecticut is necessary when the Wintertime rolls around. If you want a great looking lawn all year round, then now is the time to have your lawn and trees inspected by Precision Cutting Services. Here at Precision Cutting Services, we have been in business for over 20 years. Each of our tree cutting specialists have at least five years of experience operating equipment and climbing trees before even beginning the job. We are licensed and insured, providing you save tree removal for all four seasons of the year!

Precision Cutting Services will never ask you for your payment until the job is finished to your liking. Our positive reviews and BBB certification lets you know that we are a reliable company that shows customer dedication. Our full-service landscape company takes care of both commercial and residential properties with:

  • Cutting and removal of dead trees
  • Cutting and trimming branches
  • Evaluating Leaning Trees
  • Stump grinding
  • Landscaping services

So if your property has an issue with a tree to close to a building or one that looks like it is decaying, do not wait to take care of the issue. Don’t let your commercial landscaping Branford, CT go too long without a tree inspection. Trees that are dangerous that are not addressed right away can cause property damage or injury to people if they fall. Precision Cutting Services will offer a free evaluation to examine your trees and see if they are healthy.

With 20 years in combined knowledge, design, installation, Branford tree cutting and lawn and plant care – Precision Cutting Services can help with whatever your property needs. From regular tree maintenance and branch cutting to emergency tree services, we can be there for all of your tree cutting and property maintenance needs. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to have your property well-maintained this Winter season!

There’s Still Time to Maintain Your Summer Lawn

Although it is late in the summer season, there is still time to maintain your lawn for another month of lush, green grass and beautiful blooming flowers. The heat is not wearing off anytime soon, which is a good sign for those who are looking to keep their property looking flawless with commercial landscaping West Haven CT.

Caring for Your Lawn

Making sure that your lawn is in great shape for Summer and even Fall entertaining makes it a more inviting space. After the dog days of summer die down, there are still many plants that flourish. Deciding to fill gardens with next season’s plants such as gorgeous mums that bloom in many colors from bright oranges to rich purples will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Also, be sure to seed your lawn now, to get vibrant, patch-free grass for next Spring. With lawn care, preparation is key.

Analyzing Trees Before the Fall

Cleaning up your landscape is important before the Fall months. Many people ignore their lawn once plants die, but this is a crucial time to make sure your trees are in great shape since they have to endure the colder months. A professional tree cutter from Precision Cutting Services will be able to analyze your lawn and trees to make sure you are well prepared for the harsher fall months. If we suspect that any trees are in danger of falling, we will remove the tree right away.

Taking steps for preventative maintenance is important in order to have a lawn looking its best in the Spring and Summer months. Leave it up to a commercial landscaping Milford CT and tree professionals to make your property look its best. Contact Peter L. Brown today to have your property looking great for the late summer months and every season of the year!

Analyze the Condition of Your Trees at the End of the Summer

Tree cutting services are still popular towards the end of the summer. With many severe storms that we experienced over the Spring and Summer seasons, it is important to get your trees accessed by a professional tree cutting service. Preventative maintenance is important when it comes to trees. Storms from severe thunderstorms to heavy rainfall can weaken both tree limbs and tree trunks.

Precision Cutting Services has been performing tree removal services for over 20 years in the New Haven County area. Our combined craftsmanship, design and knowledge will give you a quality tree service at a reasonable price. Each job is approached with care and we are passionate about bringing your lawn to life. Whether you need Guilford tree removal or landscaping maintenance, we can help you.

We will safely remove any at-risk trees, and have a 24/7 availability for emergency tree removal services. We have all the services you need from commercial to residential landscaping services. We also offer free estimates on any tree services to give you the best advice for your lawn. Our 4 season property maintenance will allow you to have the ideal landscape for all seasons of the year!

Our Branford tree cutting services offers Branford and surrounding towns environmentally friendly landscape solutions and aesthetically pleasing designs. We turn our customer’s visions into a reality, to give them the customized look that they want. Tree cutting is dangerous work, and you should only leave it to the true professionals. Contact Precision Cutting Services to have your lawn accessed to inspect the condition of your trees.

Summer Services are Still Available for Shelton CT

The summer is still not over in Shelton CT, and our summer landscaping and tree cutting services are still being offered. We do landscaping and tree cutting throughout all seasons of the year, but it is best to take care of trees and landscaping before the cold fall and winter months. It is much more difficult to maintain landscapes in the winter.

If you see any trees that need attention, now is the time to call Precision Cutting Services. Trees that are leaning or have branches falling should be taken care of right away before bad storm come in the fall or winter. Even if you do not see any tree damage from the outside, it is best to get the examined before well before a big winter storm.

There are many things internally that can be wrong with a tree and should be ruled out before major weather events. Trees can be decaying from the inside and weakening – without you even knowing! 75 percent of trees that fall could have prevented the fall from an annual tree inspection. Trees should especially be inspected after big storms, to ensure that it is safe to go out in your yard.

After consulting with a professional tree cutter, some trees are not able to be saved and need to be cut down. Things like dead or hanging branches can be removed, but when a tree is leaning or is diseased – it most likely needs to be taken down. With everyone’s safety in mind, it is often the best option to remove a tree that is having a problem.

Many tree problems can be prevented from a tree inspection. Not all inspections lead to a tree being taken down. Both healthy and unhealthy tree should be inspected regularly. Tree inspections made by the owner should be made from the ground, and a tree arborist can make the inspections from a ladder. If you can see from the ground that the tree is a hazard keep people, pets and everything around it away from the tree. Then call an arborist for an emergency tree removal. These trees are a liability and can fall at any time. Whether you need an emergency tree removal or just need your trees and lawn inspected before the fall and winter – you can rely on Precision Cutting Services to be there! Contact them today.

Summer Tree Removal Services in New Haven County

Tree Cutting Services

If you are in need of tree cutting services in Bethany for the hot summer months, have a reliable and licensed company do it for you. Tree cutting can be a difficult task, and in the warm months, it can be almost impossible to tackle by yourself. Without the proper equipment, it can become a very dangerous job and can potentially cause property damage.


Tree Removal

Our services include tree cutting and removal in the New Haven County and Bethany area, which are done by professional tree cutters. At Precision Cutting Services, our professionals use large trucks to take away trees, stumps, debris and bring the property back to the way it was before we took the tree down. We take pride in being neat and precise, do there is no property damage to be caused. You should always have a professional do this due to the danger of the work. From tree limb cutting to emergency tree removal, we will leave your property looking amazing.


Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

Stumps on property can be unsightly, and need to be taken down. This can easily be done by the expert arborists at PCS. We will dig the stump out by the root, and lift most of it out with a crane. Large or old trees can be very complicated to remove out of the ground. Once the stump is removed, we cover the area with soil or fertilizer for new grass to grow.


When Should I have my Tree Removed?

You should have your tree removed when you notice that your tree is decaying or dead. Any trees that are weak or leaning over should be immediately taken down, as they are the most likely to fall down. We consider them ticking time bombs that could collapse at any minute. This could cause injury or property damage, which should be taken care of before that happens. So do not wait until a dangerous storm comes by to knock down your tree. Take care of your weakened trees today so they do not have to be a worry tomorrow.

So, if you have a weakened or diseased tree do not hesitate to have it taken down. We have 24 hour emergency tree removal services for trees that need to be handled immediately. We carefully take down trees to avoid impact and damage to structures nearby. For safe and precise tree cutting, contact Precision Cutting Services today!


Enjoy Your Lawn this Summer in Milford CT

Maintaining your property during the summer can be difficult, especially with beach season in full effect and Milford beaches being so popular. From picture perfect lawns to trimming hedges and maintaining gardens – it is hard to do it on your own. Here at Precision Cutting Services our goal is to professionally maintain your property so you can enjoy the summer. We offer residential and commercial landscaping ct to help you get the lawn of your dreams.

To maintain a great landscape, Precision Cutting Services is your go-to company. We deal with both commercial and residential landscaping services. For commercial landscaping we have flexible contracts with sliding scales and budgeting. We offer a variety of services including: lawn care, mulching and bed maintenance, grading and drainage, lawn renovations, planting gardens and more. For our Milford lawn care customers our services include; tree cutting, lawn maintenance, spring and fall cleanups and landscape design. We offer a variety of services for both residential and commercial customer to ensure your property looks amazing.

Our fully licensed and insured staff can provide free estimates for tree removal. For smaller jobs, we have stump grinding/removal and tree trimming. For more serious tree removal issues, we have emergency tree removal available 24/7. We have the equipment to take care of both small and large trees, without damaging your property. Our professional staff use precaution before doing any job, and will make sure we handle taking down trees with safety as our number one priority.

If you are interested in making your property look well-maintained for the summer, then why not contact Precision Cutting Services? For commercial landscaping Milford CT, we can provide you with a great lawn at an affordable price. We offer four season maintenance property, to ensure your lawn will not only look good for the summer but all year long!

Monroe CT

It is now the season in Monroe CT to start thinking about landscaping and tree services. You may want to change up the look of your property, and here at Precision Cutting services, we are the experts in transforming your property.

Addressing all of your landscaping needs from shrub and plant care to lawn mowing, we can assure you that your lawn will look its best yet! We have been offering professional, dependable service with all of our clients for years. Our company offers a cost-effective approach, so you can have a great looking landscape without breaking the bank.

Our trained staff have at least five years of experience, and can handle any landscaping or tree cutting job. Every job is handled with safety first, ensuring no property is damaged during tree removal or other services. Our staff can handle many jobs from leaf raking to snow removal.
We service the New Haven county area, and new clients can receive a free estimate. For tree cutting services, we do an estimate to see property lines, layout of power lines and municipal and residential property. Getting a quote first saves a lot of headaches and issues that arise during the process. For a reliable tree removal and landscaping service, contact us today!

Tree Cutting and Landscaping in Shelton

For the upcoming warm weather, it is wise to plan for lawn services in Shelton ahead of time. With maintaining lawns and trimming trees, it often becomes a task that is hard for one person to handle alone. That is where Precision Cutting Services comes in; a company with years of experience in making lawns look exceptional. From lawn cutting services to stump removal, our services will help you enjoy the summer without having to pick up a single gardening tool.

For our lawn services, we are able to provide quality services at reasonable prices. We supervise the health of your property, to ensure your lawn is in the best condition yet! From commercial landscaping to residential landscaping, our experience and hi-tech equipment can handle any tough challenges. Not only do we specialize in tree cutting, but also in providing you with a multitude of residential and commercial landscaping for any size property and profile. From Fall and Spring cleanups to gardening and lawn mowing, we will get your property in top shape together.

We also have tree cutting services, which help with any regular tree cutting or emergency tree removal situations. We offer 24 hour emergency service, to help assure that you get your tree quickly removed when needed. Our staff has at least 5 years of experience operating the equipment, so that we can assure you a safe and neat job every time. With every tree job, with have specialized mats we lay down so there is no damaged caused to the landscaping.
If you are in need of tree cutting services and are in the Shelton or Ansonia area, contact Precision Cutting Services today! We will help you to imagine the ideal landscape with help from our experts here at PCS. So do not hesitate to call – you will be glad you did!

Springtime in Guilford

It is already Springtime in Guilford, and there are many outdoor things to do in the area. From the beautiful beaches to the natural outdoor scenery, there is not much that you would dislike in Guilford. Guilford boasts of one of the nicest beaches in CT; Jacob’s Beach. The 25 acre beach allows visitors to partake in all kinds of activities including: boating, fishing, picnics, swimming, playing at the playground or playing sports; and more!

Another activity for all ages to enjoy is taking a visit to see the Hyland House Museum. With 500 years of history, this historic museum had roots dating back to the Christopher Columbus era. When Christopher Columbus came to America in 1492, a seed from the acorns he carried eventually sprouted trees along the coast of Connecticut. These trees were used to make The Hyland House.  Is was then inhabited by many prominent families along the years, and since 1918, the Hyland House has been opened to the public as a museum. You can now see things preserved in the house from years ago including: furniture, cookware, spices and herbs.

Guilford also is just a short drive from the Thimble Islands in Branford, and has a few very good wineries. Bishops Orchard is Guilford’s main winery and farm; which gives people of all ages something to do. There are many things for kids to do, like petting the farm animals or picking seasonal fruits. For adults, there are many events going on at the farm, and there is a winery that uses their fruit in season to make various flavors of wine. Guilford is also near Chamard Vineyards in Clinton, which is a short drive from Mystic and Foxwoods.

With the many activities to do in Guilford and surrounding towns, Precision Cutting Services is here to maintain the condition of these commercial properties if needed, and can be there at a moment’s notice for any decaying trees. Any old or diseased trees pose a hazard to Guilford’s beautiful landmarks. With the upcoming unpredictable summer weather, it is always wise to prepare for things to go wrong. Precision cutting services is here 24/7 for emergency tree removal, to give you the peace of mind you deserve this summer. Contact Precision Cutting Services today!