Now that the flowers and trees are in full bloom, it is essential to keep up with Summer landscaping to ensure they live a long life. Without proper care, your trees will suffer and may need Hamden tree service. There are preventative tips to follow to help avoid plant and tree decay.

Follow our do’s and don’ts this Summer to make sure your landscape is in its best shape yet:

Do – Water Only When Absolutely Needed

Trees and plants need to be watered consistently, but over watering is also an issue that can kill them. Since many people use sprinklers daily, it is easy to over water plants and trees. When there is a rainstorm, do not run the sprinkler that day to save the plants from drowning.

Don’t – Water Your Plants in the Afternoon

There is a reason why experts say to water in the morning, and this is so it gives the plants a chance to absorb any moisture before the hot sun. By the afternoon, it will be too hot for plants to absorb water and it will quickly evaporate.

Don’t – Wait to Let Weeds Fully Grow

Always be sure to pay attention to any growing weeds. Don’t give weeds a chance to grow and spread all over your garden. Pull them when they first pop up to protect the health of your plants and keep your landscape looking neat.

Do – Fertilize Your Grass in the Summer Heat

A great time to fertilize your lawn is actually in the Summer, and will help your lawn to better cope with the heat. Use a spreader to evenly cover the lawn, and do not fertilize in over 90 degree heat. 

If you need commercial or residential landscaping, contact Precision Cutting services today. We have commercial landscaping Orange CT to help save your plants from the harsh summer heat, and make all of your plants and trees healthy again.