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Preventative Tree Maintenance in Guilford

Here at Precision Cutting Services, our fully licensed and insured tree cutting and landscaping contractors will help to restore your lawn to its best state. From tree removal with Bethany tree service to lawn care, we will get your property in top shape. With flexible contracts and quality services, you can have a reliable contractor to make your lawn look professional and well-tended.

Preventative Tree Cutting and Removal

If you need Guilford CT tree service right away for emergency tree removal due to a recent severe storm, we are there 24/7 to service your lawn. If you suspect leaning or diseased trees, they should be taken care of right away. Do not wait until something catastrophic happens to your lawn; the cost could be sky high for a tree that falls on your property or even your home. When dealing with insurance, they may not cover all of the damage caused by the tree. Save money and time and have a reliable tree company remove trees at the time they should be removed. Spending money on tree removal now will save you on excess costs if your tree falls later on.

Lawn Care

We also handle lawn care from commercial to residential landscaping. Whether you have a business or home property to maintain, trust a reliable landscaper to keep it looking great in every season! Whether you have leaves to pick up in the Fall or grass to maintain in the Summer, Precision Cutting Services will be there! Our flexible contracts offer simplified budgeting for our clients so our services are affordable to everyone.

Your lawn will be well-maintained with Precision Cutting Services. We always clean up thoroughly after each tree cutting or landscaping job. With every service, safety comes first and we will never put your property at risk for damage. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to have the best lawn in the neighborhood!

How to Take Care of Your Landscape this Summer

Now that the flowers and trees are in full bloom, it is essential to keep up with Summer landscaping to ensure they live a long life. Without proper care, your trees will suffer and may need Hamden tree service. There are preventative tips to follow to help avoid plant and tree decay.

Follow our do’s and don’ts this Summer to make sure your landscape is in its best shape yet:

Do – Water Only When Absolutely Needed

Trees and plants need to be watered consistently, but over watering is also an issue that can kill them. Since many people use sprinklers daily, it is easy to over water plants and trees. When there is a rainstorm, do not run the sprinkler that day to save the plants from drowning.

Don’t – Water Your Plants in the Afternoon

There is a reason why experts say to water in the morning, and this is so it gives the plants a chance to absorb any moisture before the hot sun. By the afternoon, it will be too hot for plants to absorb water and it will quickly evaporate.

Don’t – Wait to Let Weeds Fully Grow

Always be sure to pay attention to any growing weeds. Don’t give weeds a chance to grow and spread all over your garden. Pull them when they first pop up to protect the health of your plants and keep your landscape looking neat.

Do – Fertilize Your Grass in the Summer Heat

A great time to fertilize your lawn is actually in the Summer, and will help your lawn to better cope with the heat. Use a spreader to evenly cover the lawn, and do not fertilize in over 90 degree heat. 

If you need commercial or residential landscaping, contact Precision Cutting services today. We have commercial landscaping Orange CT to help save your plants from the harsh summer heat, and make all of your plants and trees healthy again.


Spruce Your Lawn Up For the Summer With Precision Cutting Services

If you are ready to have you lawn spruced up for the summer but don’t have the gardening and landscaping skills to do so, why not just hire an experienced company who has been fixing up lawns for years? Precision Cutting Services is a full-service landscaping company that will help you fix up your long in time for summer. Whether you need Seymour tree cutting or Spring cleanup, you can finally make use of your your property for this summer to enjoy.

The honest, hardworking company will safely transform your property into an enjoyable lawn to enjoy all season long. We do many different lawn services from: removing trees and branch trimming to commercial landscaping Orange CT and property maintenance. If you want to update your plain landscaping from a professional who has been transforming lawns year after year, consider using us as your trusted landscaper.

Maybe you have trouble maintaining plants and shrubs, and would like to “wow” guests when visiting your home. Or maybe your landscape layout doesn’t make sense and you need an expert opinion to maintain both beauty and balance. From adding attention grabbing elements to details and designs that will take an ordinary lawn to extraordinary, our landscapers will help to take your property to the next level.

So whether your lawn needs basic maintenance services, or emergency tree removal – the landscaping experts at Precision Cutting Services can help. So don’t put off hiring a professional landscaper – enjoy your lawn this year for Summer and just sit back and relax! Contact Precision Cutting Services today to get your lawn in the best shape it’s ever been in.