Since cold weather in the Winter discourages tree and leaf growth, many people decide to trim their branches then. This helps new, healthy branches to grow for Spring. Although growing new branches is healthy for your tree, it is healthier to trim your branches in the Spring when the temperatures are warmer.

By trimming your trees in the Spring, you are able to identify more problems with trees and branches before the tree is filled with leaves and flowers. If you are trimming trees that flower, it is best to trim the branches before they start to flower so that there will be more buds and flowers remaining on the branches. If you notice that your trees have been damaged over the harsh Winter months, you can have a free tree evaluation to see if you need Monroe tree removal or Shelton tree removal.

There are also certain types of trees that will benefit from waiting until the Summer to begin trimming. Trees that produce sap are difficult to trim in the Fall or Spring since they produce sap during these times. These trees include: Elms, Maples, Dogwoods, Birches and Walnuts. An ideal time to trim these trees is always in the Summer when the Spring season is over.

So if you are looking to have your trees trimmed or even removed, always do it during the correct season and by a professional tree cutter and contact Precision Cutting Services. They offer free estimates and have over 20 years of combined knowledge in tree service, plant and lawn care, design, maintenance and installation. When it comes to your lawn, only trust the best!