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Need to remove, trim or assess the safety of trees on your Shelton, CT property? Call Precision Cutting Services and get a free work estimate! Our tree cutting company has been doing tree removals in Connecticut for decades, and we have happy customers all around the state!

Pick Precision Cutting Services for Shelton tree removal because:

  • We don’t skimp on equipment or upgrades
  • We are extremely conscious and committed to safety
  • We have the skill to remove trees and branches that are close to or enmeshed with buildings
  • We take great care to pad the ground for our vehicles, so we don’t disturb soil, lawns or landscaping
  • We are the complete package: we can handle everything from branch removal to stump grinding/extraction

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Shelton, CT Tree Service

Tree service is important for your and your loved ones’ safety! It’s great to have a place outdoors where the kids can play, but falling branches can present a serious hazard even for adults. If you have a tree that is old, diseased, or has precarious-looking branches, call us to assess and service that tree before it can injure a person or damage property!

Shelton, CT Tree Removal

There are many reasons a property owner may need to get rid of a tree: if it’s old or presents a hazard; if it’s grown too close to a house, or has branches that block sunlight from reaching a house; if it’s in the way of a new landscaping or construction project. In every case, Precision Cutting Services can remove the tree in a safe manner, mulch or pulp and dispose of the trunk and branches, extract the stump or grind & hide it.

In case of a storm or a suddenly compromised tree, it may be necessary to do an emergency tree removal. We are available for emergency tree cutting on short notice – contact us for more!

About Shelton

Shelton is located in Fairfield County and is also a part of the Naugatuck Valley and Housatonic Valley/ Lower region. It was a town settled by the English originally as part of Stratford in 1639. It was split from Stratford in 1789 named Huntington, after Samuel Huntington. Then, in the 1860s it was named after the Shelton Company’s founder Edward N. Shelton. The present Shelton was named a city in 1915 and merged with the town of Huntington in 1919.

Shelton was known for its many factories and businesses. One of its top businesses, the Sponge Rubber Products Plant, has the unfortunate distinction of suffering one of the largest arson fires in US history in 1975. This started the decline of the many factories and businesses of Shelton, many located on Canal Street or along the Housatonic River. One of the large industries that moved from Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton to the town of Stratford is Sikorsky Aircraft. This is one of the first American Aircraft companies to make helicopters for military and civilian use.

Shelton is a very hilly area, being one of the towns located in Connecticut’s valley region. The Housatonic River runs through Shelton, being a large part of Shelton’s identity and history. Shelton also has 15 miles of hiking trails; the area is heavily wooded, making it a potential danger during storms. High winds and inclement weather can loosen branches that threaten property or even people.


Huntington used to be a separate town from Shelton. The town of Huntington was named after the town’s first settler in the 18th century named Huntington. Years later, it consolidated with Shelton in 1919. Shelton was named after a 19th century industrialist, Edward N. Shelton, the founder of the Housatonic Water Power Company. About 90 percent of the people in this town say they are from Huntington. The other 10 percent claim they are from Shelton. The name issue was something the town inflicted on itself over the years. 

If you are in the Shelton or Huntington area, consider Precision Cutting Services for your landscaping and tree removal services. Here at Precision Cutting Services, we not only handle major emergency tree removal but also minor branch cutting. If you think there is a tree in need of removal, don’t wait until it is a potential danger to your town. Being cautious and taking preventative measures with trees is the safest way to go, whether a tree is diseased  and about to fall or has minor limb damage. Prevention is always the safest way to handle trees, so call us today!

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