It is already Springtime in Guilford, and there are many outdoor things to do in the area. From the beautiful beaches to the natural outdoor scenery, there is not much that you would dislike in Guilford. Guilford boasts of one of the nicest beaches in CT; Jacob’s Beach. The 25 acre beach allows visitors to partake in all kinds of activities including: boating, fishing, picnics, swimming, playing at the playground or playing sports; and more!

Another activity for all ages to enjoy is taking a visit to see the Hyland House Museum. With 500 years of history, this historic museum had roots dating back to the Christopher Columbus era. When Christopher Columbus came to America in 1492, a seed from the acorns he carried eventually sprouted trees along the coast of Connecticut. These trees were used to make The Hyland House.  Is was then inhabited by many prominent families along the years, and since 1918, the Hyland House has been opened to the public as a museum. You can now see things preserved in the house from years ago including: furniture, cookware, spices and herbs.

Guilford also is just a short drive from the Thimble Islands in Branford, and has a few very good wineries. Bishops Orchard is Guilford’s main winery and farm; which gives people of all ages something to do. There are many things for kids to do, like petting the farm animals or picking seasonal fruits. For adults, there are many events going on at the farm, and there is a winery that uses their fruit in season to make various flavors of wine. Guilford is also near Chamard Vineyards in Clinton, which is a short drive from Mystic and Foxwoods.

With the many activities to do in Guilford and surrounding towns, Precision Cutting Services is here to maintain the condition of these commercial properties if needed, and can be there at a moment’s notice for any decaying trees. Any old or diseased trees pose a hazard to Guilford’s beautiful landmarks. With the upcoming unpredictable summer weather, it is always wise to prepare for things to go wrong. Precision cutting services is here 24/7 for emergency tree removal, to give you the peace of mind you deserve this summer. Contact Precision Cutting Services today!