When you are in need of tree removal services, know that Precision Cutting Services is always there. They are an experienced tree removal service in New Haven County that specializes in tree removal and landscape. Their goal is to help make your landscape aesthetically pleasing, while also providing a safe environment for your whole family to enjoy with Bethany tree removal.

We are dedicated to providing services that make your vision a reality:

  • Evaluating leaning trees
  • Safely Removing at-risk trees
  • Branch cutting
  • Commercial & residential landscaping
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Mulching and Landscape design

Landscaping Services and Design


If you want your lawn in tip-top shape, you have come to the right place. Make a statement with different colorful plants and shrubs to compliment the best features of your home. Seasonal and colorful accent plans look great around flower boxes, fountains, walkways and even pools. To help with lawn maintenance, Precision Cutting Services is always there weather you need weekly or monthly lawn care.

Tree Trimming and Removal

With Precision Cutting Services, we will help to evaluate your trees first to see if you need branch trimming or Woodbridge CT tree cutting. We do everything from removing unwanted stumps in your yard to removing at risk trees with our 24/7 emergency tree removal.

With Precision Cutting Services, we will get to the root of the problem. Whether you had a severe storm that weakened trees or just need a routine tree trimming – we’ve got you covered! If you are looking to cut down a high volume of trees and branches, always leave that to the professionals. Anyone that is untrained can get seriously injured if the cut a tree the wrong way or with the wrong equipment. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to see how your yard can benefit from lawn maintenance and tree care!