Having the best landscape in town takes hard work and dedication. Maintaining a lawn yourself is not recommended unless you know how to correctly take care of each and every plant. If you do this yourself, you can end up with a disappointing lawn this year. Since every plant needs different amounts of sunlight and water, the wrong combination can easily kill your plants.

If you are looking for some commercial landscaping West Haven CT ideas then you have come to the right place. First, start with a plan. To have a great yard you have to know everything you are going to have on your lawn before you start and make a mistake. Imagining your yard is a canvas and dividing it into sections will better help you visualize the outcome.

You can do things in stages if you cannot finish the project right away. You may not have the money or time to do everything at once, which is fine. Choose the large plants first that you would like to install to add balance to your lawn. They act as dividers between different sections of your lawn and look nice up against the house or a fence.

Then, you can layer your planting. The largest plants look best in the back and the smallest plants look best in the front. This helps the lawn to have some order so it doesn’t look like plants were unplanned and were just planted anywhere.

If you have a walking path, this is a great opportunity to install small and low growing plants around the edges. This enhances the walkway and you may want to think of installing lights around the walkway to make the flowers pop at night.

With the help from Precision Cutting Services, you can have the commercial landscaping Orange CT. From tree maintenance to lawn maintenance, you can have the perfect outdoor oasis for every season. With professional installation of shrubs, trees, flowers and mulch – you can have the yard that you always wanted for less!