Precision Cutting Services has been in the tree removal business for years. They take pride in the quality work which brings our business to be mostly advertised by client referral. If you are in the New haven county area and are looking for monroe ct tree service, contact Precision Cutting Services.

Tree Cutting in the Winter

Due to many snowstorms in the Winter, the weather has a tremendous effect on the health of your trees. It is always a good idea to inspect your trees throughout the winter months just to make sure nothing is wrong with their health and have seymour tree removal if tree removal is needed. Some obvious tree problems to look for are: peeling bark, holes in trees, pests, leaning trees, falling branches or branches about to fall, etc. If you spot any of these issues it is important to give a local tree removal service a call. Trees can have serious or less serious problems, and depending on the issue, they may not need to be removed. There are many instances where a tree may just need a few branches cut and it’s back to its great health again!

Stump Grinding

If your tree stump needs to be removed, it is best to let a professional handle it. Tree stumps can be taken out in one of two ways: They can be grinded down with a chainsaw or they can be cut until the roots and then removed with a heavy duty truck. With the equipment at Precision Cutting Services, we will be able to safely and promptly remove a tree stump without damaging any property. When a tree or tree stump is removed, it will be dragged by a truck. The truck will have a tarp underneath it when it drives on the property, so that the truck will not create tire marks. We will leave your property in the condition that it was in before the tree was removed, and your property will be in a clean and neat condition. If you need stump grinding, trust the professionals at Precision Cutting Services.

Whether you need tree cutting, stump grinding or other landscaping services – Precision Cutting Services is a reliable full-service tree cutting company that you can trust. All of our staff have at least 5 years of tree cutting experience and we are a fully insured company. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to have your lawn looking in tip-top shape!