If you are in need of a tree removal company in Connecticut, Precision Cutting Services has you covered. With years of experience performing minor tree stump removal to major emergency tree removal – you can count on us to be there for your tree’s health. When we remove a tree, we always make sure your property is as neat as it was before we removed the tree. We know our customers count on us to make their properties safer and have an ideal appearance, which is why our team always displays hard work and respect on the job

The experienced tree removal pros are fully licensed and insured, making tree removal safe and effective. We have top of the line equipment to safely handle your trees and branches, and will put a tarp down on your lawn when our or vehicles go over(so we don’t make tracks in the soil).

If you need your trees removed right away we offer 24 hour emergency tree removal services. We will get there as soon as we can to remove the tree from your property. If the tree has knocked down wires, do not go near it as the wires could be live. We have the techniques and equipment advanced enough to handle trees that have fallen or branches that are in difficult positions. If your tree has fallen on your property or someone else’s property, then it needs to be taken down by professional tree cutters. With the right equipment and experience that we have, you can expect your tree removal to go smoothly.

We do both residential and commercial tree trimming and tree removal services. At a reasonable price, you can have removed: tree stumps, tree branches and whole trees. If you see signs of tree decay, you should have your tree immediately looked at by a professional. Contact Peter L. Brown today for a free tree service estimate.