Precision Cutting Services recently took care of an emergency tree removal job in East Haven. On July 29th, an accident happened in East Haven where a tree snapped and fell on a 16 year old boy – trapping him underneath. The fire department and the team at Precision Cutting Services helped to free the boy. The boy is currently in critical condition. Unfortunately, accidents like this are rare, but can happen.

Paul Skerritt (owner of Precision Cutting Services) was interviewed by WTNH. We  recommend getting an annual tree inspection to make sure all of your trees are in good health. A tree inspection is also recommended after a storm, to ensure that there are no leaners or hangers. Paul stressed the importance of looking at trees in the summer stating, “Trees that right now don’t have a lot of leaves on them should be something that you might have a professional look at.”

In any emergency tree event, Precision Cutting Services will be there. With 24/7 availability for emergency tree services, we are able to bring your property back to the way it was before.

We provided the video below showing Paul Skerritt speaking. The 16 year old boy has now suffered a partial loss of his kidney, multiple broken bones and a punctured lung. The staff at Precision Cutting Services are hoping the boy has a speedy recovery.