The town of Guilford, CT boasts of many things to do. Some of the great activities can be found outdoors, for tguilford_trail_tree_removalhe whole family to enjoy. From hiking and fishing to cycling and climbing mountains, there’s outdoor activities for all skill levels.

One of the favored activities of Guilford is to hike along the Westwood Trails. This trail is 39 miles long, where hikers can walk, run or bike along the trail. The trail consists of many natural rock formations, caves, streams, lakes and rivers. Swimming is also an option for the adventurous travelers. Easier activities like bird watching, camping and picnicking are also things local residents do here.

Places to enjoy the water would include Chaffinch Island, Jacobs beach and Lake Quonnipaug. Chaffinch Island has small walking trails, areas to have picnics and even an area to go swimming. Jacobs Beach has public swimming, areas for picnics, volleyball courts and a playground. Lake Quonnipaug has a public swimming area and an area for family picnics. For people who prefer not to swim, Mill Pond in Guilford is an area where people in the summer can fish, and in the winter can ice skate.

5-7-13-12Another mountainous rock area in Northwest Guilford stretches from Vermont to Long Island Sound. This Metacomet Ridge consists of the Totoket Mountain, which contains the Mattabesett Trail. The length of this trail stretches 50 miles long, and is ideal for biking, walking, running or hiking.

With the many outdoor activities to do, there is a chance that severe weather can weaken trees and branches along these landmarks. Since Milford is close to Guilford, it is important to also consider Milford tree removal when you need trees removed in your area. Weakened trees along trails have the potential to fall or damage a trail. Preserving Guilford’s natural beauty should be a priority, along with the safety of its citizens. Be prepared for tree damage with the help of
Guilford Tree Removal. Preparation is always the best method to prevent damage to a town’s Parks and Recreation.