Local blasting in Ansonia, CT is happening . Many complaints from blasting are from the vibrations felt miles away. Sometimes these small vibrations can cause property damage and damage things such as trees. If trees are already unstable, it is likely that they can fall. If you have damaged trees from the blasting, we can help at Precision Cutting Services. We have emergency tree removal to help in events like this where trees may be left unstable.

An accepted distance from any local structures is between 200 ft and 250 ft. In the town of Ansonia, blasting will be a distance of at least 800 ft. Ground vibration can still occur, and even with the extra distance, neighbors are concerned. People are encouraged in the town of Ansonia to document the condition of walls and sidewalks on their property after the blast.

Air blasts from blasting of property are allowed up to 133 decibels, but any amount over 115 decibels is very noticeable with possible house shaking, pictures moving and windows shaking. Sometimes, these blasts can shatter windows, and possibly do more damage. We offer a FREE QUOTE on tree removal services, to estimate how much damage was done. So be prepared for the future blasting, and know that here at Precision Cutting Services, we are here to aide with property damage and removal of trees.