Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comInspect Your Yard

Summer is an important time to keep up with the health and wellness of your trees. One of the first things to do is inspect your landscape for any signs of disease or issues with insects. A visual test is the most basic test. By looking at your tree, does anything strange pop out at you like growing fungus, open wounds or soft spots? Large cracks in wood will make the tree unstable in high winds. Any of these conditions can make a tree more likely to fall and damage your property.


Pruning your trees is important for the growth and maintenance of your trees. Some of the healthiest trees come from just keeping up with pruning. By pruning diseased, dead or unsafe branches, you can help maintain the structure of your tree with healthy growth over the years.


Removing or Stabilizing Weak Limbs

You can cable or brace weak limbs that you are unable to remove. Ultimately you will want to remove weak limbs so they do not damage anything surrounding the tree. Cabling will make the tree branches stronger, and prevent from limbs suffering further weakening and damaging and ultimately fall. If your tree falls, you should contact us for tree removal in Wallingford CT.



The root of the tree is also important to protect since it holds up the structure of the tree. Having a circle of mulch surrounding the base of the tree will help to prevent lawn mowing equipment from getting too close to the tree. The equipment can hit the roots and cause major damage to the tree. By keeping space for mulch, this will allow for the flow of nutrients and water to drain through the soil. This will also hold up the structure of the tree better in case of an incoming storm.