Caring for Trees



Each tree needs 25 gallons of water each week or 1.5 inches of rain

You can prevent water runoff:

  • Including a 25 gallon slow-release watering bag to your maintenance routine. Fill it up once per week.
  • Put a bucket at the bottom of your tree that is can hold 5 gallons of water. Make sure the bucket has holes and fill 5 times per week.
  • Power on a house for a half an hour and place at the bottom of the tree. Turn the water on low to not overflow the tree.

Keep Lawn Equipment Away From Trees

  • Line a trunk guard at the bottom of the tree to keep the water and nutrients inside. This will protect animals and rodents from getting in as well.


  • Tools – Make sure to use clean, sanitized tools. Make sure that they are not dull before use.


  • It’s better to get rid of damaged or diseased trees at the soonest time possible. Do not wait too long
  • Pruning should be done from December to mid-March, because it’s best during dormant season. You can better see the trees structure when the leaves have fallen
  • Trees that flower in the Spring should be pruned after flowering. Other trees that flower, to prevent spread of plant disease, should be pruned in dormant season


  • Nutrient deficiencies will affect the quality of the soil, so be sure to purchase top quality soil. Soil that is rich in organic matter is the best because it is free of toxins and pesticides that may slow plant growth.
  • Soil quality will affect your landscape. Healthy soil will filter through any pollution to your plans, and give nutrients to your trees
  • Health soil will appear to be darker in color since it is dense with organic matter
  • It should contain: plant and animal activity, worms, and fungi.

In case you tree still fails after all of these tips for the upcoming summer season, let us know so we can help! We will carefully inspect your tree and if needed, we can remove it.  We have specially trained staff who have 5 or more years of experience with handling trees. For tree removal in Hamden CT, contact us at  (203)466-2400 to receive a free quote!