Summertime means relaxation and fun in New England. From barbecues to beach trips, there is no shortage of ‘fun in the sun’ activities all summer long. However, the summer season is also thunderstorm season. Storms can be brilliant and amazing to watch, as nature rips through the sky. However, for those homeowners who own trees, fierce lightning during the summer months can become a concern.

A tree that has disease, or is rotting, is much more likely to fall during a storm. This may not even be due to lightning striking a tree, which is quite rare; a simple gust of heavy wind during a storm can take a tree right on its side. Homeowners may think that towns closer to the shoreline are more apt to have wind damage, but this is not so. In June 2015, a thunderstorm ripped through all of the state of Connecticut, leaving wreckage in its path. In Hamden specifically, a tree fell onto a home, causing serious damage. In addition, many trees fell during this storm, hitting power lines, and causing almost 55,000 to lose power in the area.


If you are unsure if your tree is diseased or in distress, Precision Cutting Services is more than happy to travel to you, providing a free estimate. We can evaluate all of the trees on your property, advising you which may be candidates for removal. We are experts in all types of tree trimming and removal. For instance, you may just be concerned about large, dead branches that are hanging over a car or the house. Perhaps the branches need to be trimmed, and not the whole tree. We will provide the estimate for only the services you need.

If you already have had a tree removed and want to rid your yard of an unsightly stump, Precision Cutting Services can also perform stump grinding or a complete stump excavation. Call us today at (203)466-2400 for a free estimate, or simply fill out the Web form on our site for more information. Stay safe this summer during thunderstorms by ensuring that there are no dead branches or trees in your yard.