PCS-bucket-truck3In every town across the United States, trees provide shade, recreation, and fun, whether you are hiking through the woods or enjoying some shade in your backyard. Those who like to hike in Woodbridge, CT may not know of all of the trails and parks that are available for the public to use. Hiking is a great way to teach children about nature, to work off stress, and to stay in shape.

The Race Brook Estates Blue Trail System runs through the heart of Woodbridge, and parking is available at Beecher Road, Marion Drive, and Pease Road. Enjoy nature trails, beautiful waterfalls, and gorgeous trees when hiking these trails. Those who are really adventurous can hike all the way from this trail to nearby West Rock Park in New Haven.
Other nearby trails in Woodbridge include Alice Newton Street Memorial Park, Bishop Estate East, the Newton Road Park Trail System, and Elderslie Reserve Trails. In addition, the Regional Water Authority also has several trails in Woodbridge. Some are open to the public, while other require the Water Authority’s recreation permit.
If you are lucky enough to have trees and shade in your backyard, you can learn about nature without having to trek through the woods. However, when trees rot or become diseased, safety can be a real concern. Those who need tree removal in Woodbridge, CT can look to Precision Cutting Services for any and all tree removal needs.
Summer storms can strike suddenly, and rotting trees can fall easily, damaging property and causing injury. If you have a tree you feel may be unsafe, please call us and we will provide a free estimate for tree removal. In addition to complete tree removal, we also offer branch removal and stump excavation. Call Precision Cutting Services today at (203)466-2400 for a free consultation.