PCS-bucket-truck3When spring first hits and flowers begin to bloom, everyone knows that summer is soon on its way. In New England and Connecticut especially, that means lazy days at the beach, barbecues, and basic good times all summer long. Hiking is enjoyable in the spring and summer, where local residents can take in nature by watching wildlife, taking in the lush, green trees, and bird watching.

Summer fun also brings with it thunderstorms. While these storms can be beautiful at times, they can also leave a lot of damage in their wake. Many homeowners enjoy the recreation that trees bring having them in their backyard, but sometimes old and decaying trees can become a safety concern, especially during thunderstorms or periods of heavy snow.

A large band of powerful thunderstorms rolled through Connecticut in June 2015, knocking down power lines and uprooting trees in their wake. The town of Durham, CT was one of the hardest hit, with several trees falling on houses and leaving over 20,000 without power for well over 24 hours.

When trees become a safety concern, it is time to have them looked at and potentially removed. Old and decaying trees can fall on houses, cars, and even people and animals, causing injury and destruction. Here at Precision Cutting Services, we can provide you with any and all tree removal services in Durham, CT. We are more than happy to provide you with a free estimate and consultation for potentially decaying trees in your yard.

Safety is our first priority, and we are experts in the field of all types of tree removal, including branch removal, and stump grinding and excavating. In case of an emergency, we can also provide emergency tree removal, should a tree fall completely or partially. Simply give us a call and we are on the way!

For more information, please fill out the form on our website, or call us at (203)466-2400 to speak with a professional member of our staff.