Sometimes it is easy to tell if a tree on your property is dying, especially when there are no new leaves when spring comes. Keeping a dead tree on a property can have disastrous results, especially during hurricane and winter seasons. Trees that have significant damage and are considered “dead” can easily lose branches, which can collide into houses and automobiles, causing damage. In a worst case scenario, a dead tree can fall over during heavy winds and rain or heavy snow, perhaps causing damage to a house, car, or worse.

There are several signs to look for to tell if a tree is dying or not, and if you need tree removal in Hamden, CT. When there are no leaves at all on branches, it is readily apparent that the tree is dead – but what if there are a few leaves? A good way to tell in autumn if a tree may be dying is to look at the leaves on the branches. If the leaves do not change color, and seem to cling to the branches as winter approaches, it may be a good sign that the tree is dead or dying. Similarly in spring, if new leaf growth does not appear, this is most likely a dead tree.

Property owners should also take a good look at the trunk of a tree. If there are vertical cracks in the tree, this may be a sign of significant damage. If these vertical cracks are not accompanied by new bark growth, it may be a sign that the tree is dead. Root damage can also give insight as to the health of a tree, but root damage is not always visible. However, if the tree has gained a lean, this is a typical sign of root damage. Roots sprouting from the base is also a telltale sign. In addition, the growth of fungus around the roots or trunk can be indicative of a dead tree.

A dead tree can be a serious safety issue, and Precision Cutting Services are experts when it comes to tree removal in Hamden, CT. Our team of experts are all fully licensed and insured, and can remove any dead tree or fix any type of tree problem you may have on your property. From branch removal to complete tree removal, Precision Cutting Services does it all. For an evaluation of trees and tree problems on your property, give us a call today at (203) 466-2400 for a free estimate.