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If you are in need of tree removal, trimming or having your Trumbull, CT property accessed for safety, then give Precision Cutting Services a call!

Our tree removal company will check your property to make sure that every single tree is healthy, for a safe property for the entire year! With our experienced team, you can expect professional services, ensuring the complete safety of your property. We have been servicing the state of Connecticut for decades with reliable tree services, gaining satisfied customers all throughout the state!

Pick Precision Cutting Services for Trumbull tree removal because:

  • We provide the best quality services ensuring or equipment is regularly up-to-date
  • Safety is always our number one priority, making sure your property is safe before tree removal
  • Any trees that affect the safety of your building will be removed; especially if too close
  • We provide preventative maintenance such as padding the ground under heavy equipment
  • We are the complete package: we can handle everything from branch removal to stump grinding/extraction

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Trumbull, CT Tree Service

You should always make room for a tree inspection by a qualified tree removal company each and every year. This will help to clear out any trees that present a hazard and will provide preventative maintenance for future trees. With a place that is entirely safe for company, pets and loved ones, you can enjoy your yard and not worry about the health of your trees. Precision Cutting Services will make sure that your trees are structurally sound for your residential or commercial property. 

Trumbull, CT Tree Removal

Some of the many reasons that a property owner may want to consider tree cutting or removal are: if the tree is too close to a building or construction site for it to be safe, if the tree is blocking sunlight from reaching the building or if it is rotting or diseased. Precision Cutting Services considers safety first, by using the latest in equipment and has the experience to remove a tree without issues. 

You may not need a complete tree removal. Branches on trees may need to be trimmed if they are too close to any structures, but do not necessarily mean they have to be removed. Trees on your property can be preserved if healthy enough, and may only need a light sprucing up with branch cutting, which can also give the tree a better appearance. If you have any unsightly stumps on your property, we can remove them to give your property a better appearance. 

In case of a storm damages a tree, we are here 24/7 for emergency tree removal services. Whether you have an urgent need to remove a tree or are just looking to move a few branches, we are here for you!

About Trumbull

Trumbull has a long history here in America, being founded in 1797 by the residents of Stratford that wished to establish their own village.

Trumbull borders the city of Bridgeport and provides easy access to New York City and all of the attractions there.  It is where Igor Sikorsky lived while he designed and built aircraft and put the helicopter into mass production. Trumbull is 23.5 square miles and home to the highest coastal point on the east coast of the United States- Monitor Hill is 615 feet above sea level.

Trumbull is a very desirable location due to its location and family-friendly activities 20 different parks. With so many parks and recreation areas, it is important to make sure that every area in Trumbull is safe outdoors. With an annual tree inspection, your commercial or residential property can be safe for all seasons of the year with the experienced contractors at Precision Cutting Services. Contact us today for a free tree removal estimate!


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