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Do you need any trees trimmed or removed on your Westport, CT property? Call Precision Cutting Services and get a free work estimate! Our experienced tree removal experts will help you to get the property you want – from stump grinding to complete tree removal. 

Pick Precision Cutting Services for Westport tree removal because:

  • We only use the best equipment and never skimp on upgrades
  • We always keep safety in mind before performing any job
  • We have the skill to remove trees and branches that are close to or enmeshed with buildings
  • We take great care to pad the ground for our vehicles, so we don’t disturb soil, lawns or landscaping
  • We are the complete package: we can handle everything from branch removal to stump grinding/extraction

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Westport, CT Tree Service

Never ignore the trees on your property since it is often difficult to spot issues with a tree. From diseased trees to trees that have loose branches – they should always be examined by a tree expert at least once a year. Before a tree damages you property or even worse injures a person, get your trees checked out by the professionals at Precision Cutting Services today. 

Westport, CT Tree Removal

You may be wondering what some of the reasons to get of a tree are. Some of the reasons to get rid of a tree are: if the tree is in the way of a construction project, if it is too close to a building or even if its blocking sunlight. Precision Cutting Services will help to remove the tree in a safe manner, disposing of any branches and tree stumps. 

In case your property in compromised due to a tree or branch falling from a severe storm, Precision Cutting Services will safely remove your tree from your property. They are there 24/7 in case of any emergency tree situations.  

About Westport

Westport is an affluent town located in Fairfield County along the coast of Long Island Sound. It is ranked 22nd in America’s 100 Richest places. 

Wesport was originally settled in 1835. Years ago, agriculture was the first major industry in Westport. The town soon became the leading onion grower and transporter in the United States. The town also has a rich history as British troops fought in the town during the Revolutionary War. Many structures were burned when the British passed through the town, and the bodies of many of the soldiers were buried at Compo Beach cemetery. 

Industry and shipping took off after the Revolutionary War when a train track was first built. Many European immigrants were arriving 

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