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Tree Removal in Stratford, CT

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Our tree cutting company has been doing tree removals in Connecticut for decades, and we have happy customers all around the state!

If you need to cut or fully remove a damaged tree on your Stratford, CT property, call Precision Cutting Services today. With a free tree estimate, our company will evaluate your property to determine the best method for removing or cutting trees. 

Pick Precision Cutting Services for Stratford tree removal because:

  • We don’t skimp on equipment or upgrades
  • We are extremely conscious and committed to safety
  • We have the skill to remove trees and branches that are close to or enmeshed with buildings
  • We take great care to pad the ground for our vehicles, so we don’t disturb soil, lawns or landscaping
  • We are the complete package: we can handle everything from branch removal to stump grinding/extraction

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Stratford, CT Tree Service

Weakened and diseased trees are a threat to your property and your community. These need to be taken care of right away to provide a safer outdoor area that will give you peace of mind. Leave the tree trimming and removal to the experts, so you can enjoy your property worry-free. 

Stratford, CT Tree Removal

There are many reasons a tree should be removed. It may display more obvious signs like cracks, fungus and diseases. They may be growing too close to a building – where it gets dangerous if the tree will fall. 

There may be not-so-obvious signs that a tree should be removed. Some insects that destroy a tree from the inside may not be detected by someone who isn’t a tree expert. This can leave the tree with a weakened structure, which is a hazard for your property. 

We have 24/7 emergency tree removal services available whether you experienced a severe storm or just have a weakened tree. We will be there on short notice to help safely remove your tree. 

About Stratford

Located in Fairfield County, Stratford is a medium sized town with a population of 52,112. It is located in the sub-region of the New York Metropolitan area, where many people commute to New York City for work.  It is considered the last town to the East in Fairfield County Connecticut’s Gold Coast. The town is located near Long Island Sound at the mouth of the Housatonic River. It’s waterfront location is important as a natural resource.

The town was founded in 1639 by Puritan leaders who arrived in Connecticut from England to seek religious freedom. The community that they had created was known as the Cupheag Plantation. Although the area had many Puritan settlers, Stratford was the first town in Connecticut to have an Anglican church. Many of the town’s residents today are direct descendants from the generation of the Puritan families.

Stratford contains five islands and 3 beaches. It also has transportation routes, including air, rail and roads. The Sikorsky Memorial airport provides helicopter access to downtown Manhattan. For the Stratford Metro-North station, this runs from New Haven, stops at Stratford and runs to the Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. For roads, Stratford has several major highways like Interstate 95, U.S. Route 1, the Merrit Parkway and Routes 108, 110 and 113. 

Stratford is known for its industries including its aircraft industry. Sikorsky Aircraft was constructed in Stratford in 1939. Igor Sikorsky made one of the world’s first successful commercial helicopters. Sikorsky to this day employs many people, and is the town’s largest employer. They constructed aircraft that were use during World War II and the Korean War. Another large industry in Stratford in 1939 was Lycoming which made Wright radial engines. These engines were replaced with turbines after World War II. 

Boothe Memorial Park

Some fun activities for the whole family to enjoy include everything from museums to theaters. The National Helicopter Museum has photos of the history of helicopters. Boothe Memorial Park includes 20 vintage and architecturally diverse buildings from a windmill and mini lighthouse to a blacksmith shop and carriage shop.  Another fun activity is to visit the Shakespeare Festival Theatre, which is now a tourist destination. The theater seated 1,100 people and featured many famous actors from Paul Newman to Katharine Hepburn. 

There are many other outdoor activities including collecting oysters at Short Beach. With whatever outdoor activity you choose, be sure that it is a safe area away from any damaged trees. If you spot a damaged tree, contact Precision Cutting Services to have it removed. 


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