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Need to remove, trim or assess the safety of trees on your Meriden, CT property? Call Precision Cutting Services and get a free work estimate! Our tree cutting company has been doing tree removals in Connecticut for decades, and we have happy customers all around the state!

Pick Precision Cutting Services for Meriden tree removal because:

  • We use top quality equipment and don’t skimp on upgrades
  • We are committed to safety and will not put your property in harm’s way
  • We will remove branches that are too close to buildings that threaten safety
  • We take great care to pad the ground for our vehicles, so we don’t disturb soil, lawns or landscaping
  • We are the complete package: we can handle everything from lawn maintenance to emergency tree removal

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Meriden, CT Tree Service

Tree maintenance is very important for your commercial and residential property. An annual tree inspection will check to make sure any of your trees aren’t decaying or at risk of falling. Some of the signs to look for with unhealthy trees are discolored or fallen leaves, visible insects, cracks or broken branches. Before any tree causes property damage, be sure to have your property examined for signs of tree damage. Some signs might not be so obvious to someone who isn’t a professional tree cutter, so having your trees examined at least once a year is important. 

Meriden, CT Tree Removal

If any of your trees look old or like they are dying, it may be time to consider tree removal. Tree removal is important since once tree falling can trigger more trees to fall – which will be a disaster for your property. This may also damage your home which can put your family in danger. Keeping up with tree maintenance and removal is important in keeping maintenance costs low while also having a safe property. 

Meriden, CT Tree Cutting

Precision Cutting Services is proud to offer the town of Meriden, CT year round tree cutting and tree removal service. We also offer 24/7 emergency tree removal service to those who need tree removal right away. Whether a severe storm knocked down one of your trees or a tree just fell from old age – we will be there. With our competitive prices and stellar reputation, we know that you will be satisfied with our tree cutting services. From attention to detail to cleaning up after the job is done, our workers always give top quality service to our customers.

About Meriden

Located in New Haven county, Meriden, CT is a medium sized city with a current population of 60,868. Meriden has a long, interesting history that makes it the city it is today. Since the 18th century, Meriden was apart of the town of Wallingford in 1727.  It eventually became its own independent town in 1806 with just 1,000 citizens at the time. Winston Churchill’s great-great-great grandfather named Timothy Jerome is buried in Burying Ground 1720 near Dexter Ave and Lydale Place. 

Silver produced in Meriden’s factory era is of high value today.

Industry during the 1800’s was booming in Meriden. Many factories flourished such as the Meriden Britannia Company (an international silver company). Meriden at the time had a lot of silver manufacturing companies, giving it the nickname The Silver City. They also had industries that included lamp making, glass making, guns and many products for trains. Over 15,000 guns were manufactured in Meriden for the Civil War. Many of the items that were from Meriden’s manufacturing era are featured in the leading Museums in the U.S. from Boston to Virginia. 

Some interesting facts about Meriden include: many mansions were built on Broad Street in the 1800’s when the economy and factories were booming. The popular gun company known as Parker Brothers Gun Company was bought by Remington Arms Company. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln spoke in Meriden, seeking the Republican presidential nomination. A plaque in front of the Meriden City Hall commemorates Lincoln’s visit to Meriden. 

To this date, Meriden offers a lot for all to enjoy. The Quinnipiac River flows through South Meriden and offers picturesque views and great hiking Trails. Hubbard Park is one of the top outdoor areas for kids to play, for leisurely fishing or swimming. For those who like to shop, there are plenty of commercial stores and even their own Meriden Mall. They have access to public transportation from buses and major highways to a railroad and even an airport. Meriden is located on Interstate 91, giving access to New Haven, Springfield and Hartford. Travel along CT Route 15, and it will eventually take you to NYC. 


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