Since it is hurricane season, weather is often unpredictable. In Connecticut, we are seeing more severe weather events on the rise, and it is now becoming a normal pattern. With the anticipation of the hurricane Gaston approaching, Connecticut is preparing for a state of emergency.
The incoming hurricane is expected to be just as severe as hurricane Sandy that hit CT in 2012. We now know the force of the hurricanes that can strike, and need to be prepared. The amount of storms due to climate change has been rising. There is a  70 percent chance for 12 to 17 named Atlantic storms (5 -8 hurricanes and 2-4 hurricanes being major). The average from last year was 12 storms, making the number of storms predicted much higher for this year.
The state of Connecticut recommends that people prepare for the storm be doing the following:
  • Cutting back trees with CT Tree Removal¬†Services to prevent power failure with falling trees
  • Having a backup power source
  • Have an evacuation plan
  • Emergency kit with food, water, medical equipment and a flashlight
  • Go over tips for preparing for a hurricane on the city of New Haven website
  • Check out the New Haven Register Hurricane Article
Senator Blumenthal urges people to be prepared for the storm. Some towns were hit hard while others were never touched, but it is hard to predict where the hurricane will hit exactly until it happens. Everyone should be ready for disasters, including heavy winds knocking down trees requiring emergency tree removal services. He is telling towns throughout CT to have their own emergency response for impending summer storms.