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How to Watch for Tree Hazards

Hikes and nature walks are perfect ways to show the little ones about nature. From nature hikes to playing in their own backyard, kids learn a lot about the world around them just from trees. Many homeowners are lucky enough to have trees in their front or back yard, allowing kids to play, roam, and climb all year long.

However, it’s also a great idea to take them to nature and activity centers so that they can learn more about the world around them. The Coastal Center at Milford Point is right on the shores of Milford, CT, and is an exciting place to take the little ones for a day trip. Part of the Connecticut Audubon Society, this center offers nature hikes through the woods, an observation deck to see birds and trees, and indoor exploration center. The center also offers summer day programs for kids, with its summer camp.

For those who are lucky enough to have trees and shade in their own backyard, it’s always fun to camp outside during the summer, have a barbecue, or dip in a kiddie swimming pool. However, when trees are rotted and old, there is a severe safety concern. The summer season is also thunderstorm season, and all it takes is one strong gust of wind to bring down heavy, dead branches, or even an entire tree.

everitt-st-tree-removal (9)To keep everyone safe, it’s best to have trees you believe may be rotted or diseased checked out by a professional. At Precision Cutting Services, we provide any and all tree removal services in Milford, CT. Simply call us for a free estimate, and we will check all of your trees for disease and rot. We are experts at all types of tree removal – with the ability to remove just large branches, trim the tree down, or even excavate a stump. Fill out the Web form on our site, or call Precision Cutting Services today at (203)466-2400 to speak to a member of our professional staff.

Servicing Diseased Trees

Summertime means relaxation and fun in New England. From barbecues to beach trips, there is no shortage of ‘fun in the sun’ activities all summer long. However, the summer season is also thunderstorm season. Storms can be brilliant and amazing to watch, as nature rips through the sky. However, for those homeowners who own trees, fierce lightning during the summer months can become a concern.

A tree that has disease, or is rotting, is much more likely to fall during a storm. This may not even be due to lightning striking a tree, which is quite rare; a simple gust of heavy wind during a storm can take a tree right on its side. Homeowners may think that towns closer to the shoreline are more apt to have wind damage, but this is not so. In June 2015, a thunderstorm ripped through all of the state of Connecticut, leaving wreckage in its path. In Hamden specifically, a tree fell onto a home, causing serious damage. In addition, many trees fell during this storm, hitting power lines, and causing almost 55,000 to lose power in the area.


If you are unsure if your tree is diseased or in distress, Precision Cutting Services is more than happy to travel to you, providing a free estimate. We can evaluate all of the trees on your property, advising you which may be candidates for removal. We are experts in all types of tree trimming and removal. For instance, you may just be concerned about large, dead branches that are hanging over a car or the house. Perhaps the branches need to be trimmed, and not the whole tree. We will provide the estimate for only the services you need.

If you already have had a tree removed and want to rid your yard of an unsightly stump, Precision Cutting Services can also perform stump grinding or a complete stump excavation. Call us today at (203)466-2400 for a free estimate, or simply fill out the Web form on our site for more information. Stay safe this summer during thunderstorms by ensuring that there are no dead branches or trees in your yard.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

PCS-bucket-truck3When spring first hits and flowers begin to bloom, everyone knows that summer is soon on its way. In New England and Connecticut especially, that means lazy days at the beach, barbecues, and basic good times all summer long. Hiking is enjoyable in the spring and summer, where local residents can take in nature by watching wildlife, taking in the lush, green trees, and bird watching.

Summer fun also brings with it thunderstorms. While these storms can be beautiful at times, they can also leave a lot of damage in their wake. Many homeowners enjoy the recreation that trees bring having them in their backyard, but sometimes old and decaying trees can become a safety concern, especially during thunderstorms or periods of heavy snow.

A large band of powerful thunderstorms rolled through Connecticut in June 2015, knocking down power lines and uprooting trees in their wake. The town of Durham, CT was one of the hardest hit, with several trees falling on houses and leaving over 20,000 without power for well over 24 hours.

When trees become a safety concern, it is time to have them looked at and potentially removed. Old and decaying trees can fall on houses, cars, and even people and animals, causing injury and destruction. Here at Precision Cutting Services, we can provide you with any and all tree removal services in Durham, CT. We are more than happy to provide you with a free estimate and consultation for potentially decaying trees in your yard.

Safety is our first priority, and we are experts in the field of all types of tree removal, including branch removal, and stump grinding and excavating. In case of an emergency, we can also provide emergency tree removal, should a tree fall completely or partially. Simply give us a call and we are on the way!

For more information, please fill out the form on our website, or call us at (203)466-2400 to speak with a professional member of our staff.

Wallingford, CT

IMG_0004A common reason that a homeowner may not want to remove a tree on their yard is simply the attachment to the tree. Trees provide years of memories, when you think about it. From swinging from branches or climbing trees as a child, to enjoying shade in the summertime during a long, relaxing afternoon, a tree provides shade, shelter, and enjoyment.

However, when trees become unstable over time and begin to die, it’s time to think about having the tree removed. Delaying the removal of the tree can become a safety issue – those considering tree removal in Wallingford, CT should take into account the sudden, damaging thunderstorms that have a tendency to crop up at any time. On June 3, 2015, one of these types of storms, called a ‘microburst,’ touched down in the Wallingford area, taking many trees with it, costing thousands of dollars of damage to homeowners and businesses. Grantham Road in Wallingford was hit especially hard, with homeowners reporting that the storm resembled that of a tornado. A tree fell on a nearby house – no one was hurt, but the tree severed the roof of the house in half.

“No one was hurt” always brings relief when it’s heard, but this isn’t always the case. Precision Cutting Services in Hamden can provide you with every type of tree service you may need. We can perform a complete tree removal, or simply remove branches and overhang that may be causing you some safety concerns. We are fully licensed and insured, and provide free estimates. In addition to tree removal and branch services, we can also provide you with stump grinding and extraction, for trees that have already been removed. Contact us with confidence, knowing we are professional and safety-conscious. For a free estimate, contact us through the Web form on our site, or give Precision Cutting Services a call at (203)466-2400.

Signs of a Dying Tree


Sometimes it is easy to tell if a tree on your property is dying, especially when there are no new leaves when spring comes. Keeping a dead tree on a property can have disastrous results, especially during hurricane and winter seasons. Trees that have significant damage and are considered “dead” can easily lose branches, which can collide into houses and automobiles, causing damage. In a worst case scenario, a dead tree can fall over during heavy winds and rain or heavy snow, perhaps causing damage to a house, car, or worse.

There are several signs to look for to tell if a tree is dying or not, and if you need tree removal in Hamden, CT. When there are no leaves at all on branches, it is readily apparent that the tree is dead – but what if there are a few leaves? A good way to tell in autumn if a tree may be dying is to look at the leaves on the branches. If the leaves do not change color, and seem to cling to the branches as winter approaches, it may be a good sign that the tree is dead or dying. Similarly in spring, if new leaf growth does not appear, this is most likely a dead tree.

Property owners should also take a good look at the trunk of a tree. If there are vertical cracks in the tree, this may be a sign of significant damage. If these vertical cracks are not accompanied by new bark growth, it may be a sign that the tree is dead. Root damage can also give insight as to the health of a tree, but root damage is not always visible. However, if the tree has gained a lean, this is a typical sign of root damage. Roots sprouting from the base is also a telltale sign. In addition, the growth of fungus around the roots or trunk can be indicative of a dead tree.

A dead tree can be a serious safety issue, and Precision Cutting Services are experts when it comes to tree removal in Hamden, CT. Our team of experts are all fully licensed and insured, and can remove any dead tree or fix any type of tree problem you may have on your property. From branch removal to complete tree removal, Precision Cutting Services does it all. For an evaluation of trees and tree problems on your property, give us a call today at (203) 466-2400 for a free estimate.

West Haven Tree Removal 2

This was a tough one – removal of two large trees located extremely close to a residential property, one of which was enclosed on three sides by a backyard deck and the house wall. The other… let’s just say that if it grew any closer to the house, it would be in a pot on the windowsill.

Thankfully, access to the house was relatively easy, and we were able to pull up our trucks without much trouble. As with other tricky removals, we had to carefully cut down and lift away major branches of the tree, then secure the tree trunk to the crane with heavy-duty straps and wires, after which we carefully chainsawed manageable pieces of the trunk while making sure they were balanced in such a way as to minimize chances of sway and damage to the house.

Because of the proximity of the trees to the house, we had to chop the tree trunks into more pieces than we normally would (in fact, the trees were so close to structures that there wasn’t even enough space for the stump grinder attachment).

As you can see from the photos in the gallery, we were able to remove the trees – even the one that had wedged itself against the house siding – while barely leaving a scuff mark on the walls. If you have a tree that grows too close to your house and needs to be removed, give us a call today!

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West Haven Tree Removal

This complex tree removal job had it all – an old, heavy tree located mere feet from a house, with narrow and difficult access from the road. Moreover, as the tree got wider over the years, it grew into the house’s backyard deck.

In order to approach the tree with our crane truck without damaging the backyard, we lay down an extensive padded path that dissipated the pressure harmlessly instead of leaving marks in the soil surface; we then carefully drove the truck over the path and within range of the tree.

We then removed and lifted the major branches one by one, leaving the tree trunk standing alone. When the trunk had been cleared of branches, we secured it to the crane boom with straps and cut it away in pieces.

It’s exceptionally difficult to remove such a large tree, all the way down to the in-grown stump, without causing damage to the nearby house or deck, but with our experience, we were able to complete the project and grind the stump while leaving all nearby structures intact and unharmed.

If you have a tough tree removal project on your property and would like to see it through in the safest and most professional way possible, call us up and schedule an appointment today!

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North Branford Tree Removal

There’s a lot more to tree removal than taking an axe to the trunk, and this job is a perfect illustration of why. This tree was not just old, tall and heavy; it also grew a mere couple of feet from the neighboring house, so that if it was felled without being processed first, it could have caused severe damage to the house and other nearby structures.

We prepared the tree by first removing and pulping major branches, then cutting down and lifting away the trunk, and finally, grinding the stump away.

Removing a tree that grows close to a house or other structure is always a difficult process; if you have a tree like that and would like to dispose of it, call in a professional tree removal company to do it safely.

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Milford tree removal

This job in Milford involved removing an old tree that became uprooted and fell against neighboring trees. It was located by the side of a large lawn and landscaped area, which required us to carefully pad the approach, in order to avoid damaging the grass and plants with truck tires.

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