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Activities in West Haven to Enjoy During the Spring

Sky View of The West Haven Beach

West Haven has many things to do in the Spring time including going to the beach. The Peck beach has a long boardwalk to enjoy the view of the water, along with access to boating. The beach is close to a mile long, and is accessed by crossing dunes. The Savin Rock Conference Center is located alongside the beach, and is open to many venues including parties.

Another fun thing to do in the Spring is to explore the Lighthouse Point Park. Located in New Haven, within a short distance from West Haven, this park allows you to enjoy the beach with plenty of activities to do. Whether you want to enjoy the water, have a BBQ, spend time with your kids at the playground or go into the event building with a carousel inside, there are plenty of things for all people to enjoy! With two lighthouses and a large area to walk your dog, you will definitely be coming back if you need to spend leisure time.

Aside from beaches, the Quigley Stadium is another popular activity venue to visit during the Spring and summer days. The ballpark that opened in 1947 is a fun hangout for local sports fans. It is home to the West Haven Yankees and the West haven A’s. If you are looking for a fun place for the whole family to enjoy, than look no further.
Although there are many places to enjoy during the Spring, they are often in areas populated with many trees. There is always a possibility that damaged trees can fall during rough weather, so it is important to keep a professional tree cutting service on hand, like Precision Cutting Services. Contact us today, and we will make sure that we monitor your tree’s safety so you can enjoy Spring activities in peace!

Exploring Nature in Woodbridge CT

Enjoy the Outdoors at the Savino Vineyards

Woodbridge is a beautiful town located in New Haven County. Woodbridge is apart of As Spring approaches with beautiful, sunny weather, there are a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Woodbridge has activities to suit many people of different interests. Some popular outdoor things to do is to go hiking at the West Rock State Park. You can hike, walk, and even have picnics at the top of the mountain. You can enjoy the pristine view of New Haven from the top.

The Savino Vineyards is a great hangout for many in New Haven County to enjoy the farmlands while sitting back and enjoying a glass of wine. From farm fresh wines to a wide selection of cheeses, enjoy your Spring evenings in leisure.The Naugatuck State Forest is another popular area for locals with 5,000 acres of land. Some of the recreational activities include: mountain biking, hunting, bird-watching, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and much more! You can find beautiful waterfalls off the trail, that allow for a quiet getaway.

Unfortunately trees can pose dangers with outdoor activities. Because we still want you to enjoy the outdoors worry-free, Precision Cutting Services will give you a free estimate on any trees you want to have removed. So let Precision Cutting Services handle the tough jobs, so you can return to safely enjoying the Spring.

With Spring Around the Corner Durham Offers Great Natural Venues to Enjoy

View of the Pistapaug Pond from the Mountain

With Spring approaching, there are many fun things to enjoy outdoors in
Durham, CT. The many mountains and parks Durham boasts of are not only historical but also beautiful. The Millers Pond State Park expanded from 30 acres in 1955 to 170 acres in 1972. The Pond gets its water from the natural large unpolluted springs that are excellent for fishing.

Another place to explore in Durham is the Tri Mountain state Park and the Trimountain and Pistapaug Mountain. The Tri Mountain State Park is a pristine, remote area between Durham and Wallingford. You can access this through the Mattabesett Trail where you can hike to see gorgeous views from the Traprock Ridge. The park is free to the public, and has 50 miles of trail that rises 500 feet. Talk about a spectacular view!

The Pistapaug Mountain is an even larger mountain. It is 700 feet high, and is located 11 miles from the Northeast part of New Haven. The mountain overlooks the Pistapaug Pond where you can even see bald eagles from time to time. The Coginchaug River runs through pastures and farmlands, giving a scenic view of Durham, Middlefield and Middletown. This is a great river for canoeing and fishing.

As there are many activities to do in Durham this Spring, it is important to consider the dangers of some of these activities. Since these areas are near many trees, you need to consider your safety. The scenery may be beautiful, but trees are always prone to diseases, weakness, and even falling. If you see any trees in your area that may be in danger of falling, let the professionals at Precision Cutting Service handle at-risk trees.

Enjoying Outdoors in Monroe CT

Stepney Dam

Stepney Dam

There are many great activities to do for the whole family to enjoy in Monroe, CT. One of the popular recreation activities is taking the family to enjoy the Housatonic River for the day. The Housatonic River runs alongside the town of Monroe. Lake Zoar in Monroe is a reservoir of the Housatonic River. The Stevenson Dam holds back Lake Zoar and is a bridge across the Housatonic River for Connecticut Route 34. The Housatonic River is enjoyed by many in the area for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, boating, tubing and fishing.

Aside from swimming, Monroe also has many trails to hike. The 5 mile scenic trail of Rails to Trails allows for walking, biking and hiking. Another great place for hiking is the Webb Mountain Park and William E. Wolfe Park. The Webb Mountain Park is ideal for camping and hiking. The William E. Wolfe Park has hiking, an area for picnics, a public pool, a playground, and sports fields.

Another popular activity for Monroe residents to enjoy (that passes through Monroe) is The Centennial Watershed State Forest. This forest has 15,300 acres of land, and is 90 percent in Fairfield County. The large forest offers opportunities for hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, bird watching, hunting and even fishing.
With the abundance of state parks and forests in Monroe, there is also a risk that trees pose on residents. Since Monroe is in close proximity to Shelton, is is also good to be aware of Shelton Tree Removal. Trees that are leaning over or are weak need to be taken down before they cause harm to residents or structures. Branches may fall from trees and cause harm to residents trying to enjoy the parks. So take precaution, and take care of any trees that need to be removed with Monroe Tree Removal.

Guilford CT Boasts of Outdoor Activities

The town of Guilford, CT boasts of many things to do. Some of the great activities can be found outdoors, for tguilford_trail_tree_removalhe whole family to enjoy. From hiking and fishing to cycling and climbing mountains, there’s outdoor activities for all skill levels.

One of the favored activities of Guilford is to hike along the Westwood Trails. This trail is 39 miles long, where hikers can walk, run or bike along the trail. The trail consists of many natural rock formations, caves, streams, lakes and rivers. Swimming is also an option for the adventurous travelers. Easier activities like bird watching, camping and picnicking are also things local residents do here.

Places to enjoy the water would include Chaffinch Island, Jacobs beach and Lake Quonnipaug. Chaffinch Island has small walking trails, areas to have picnics and even an area to go swimming. Jacobs Beach has public swimming, areas for picnics, volleyball courts and a playground. Lake Quonnipaug has a public swimming area and an area for family picnics. For people who prefer not to swim, Mill Pond in Guilford is an area where people in the summer can fish, and in the winter can ice skate.

5-7-13-12Another mountainous rock area in Northwest Guilford stretches from Vermont to Long Island Sound. This Metacomet Ridge consists of the Totoket Mountain, which contains the Mattabesett Trail. The length of this trail stretches 50 miles long, and is ideal for biking, walking, running or hiking.

With the many outdoor activities to do, there is a chance that severe weather can weaken trees and branches along these landmarks. Since Milford is close to Guilford, it is important to also consider Milford tree removal when you need trees removed in your area. Weakened trees along trails have the potential to fall or damage a trail. Preserving Guilford’s natural beauty should be a priority, along with the safety of its citizens. Be prepared for tree damage with the help of
Guilford Tree Removal. Preparation is always the best method to prevent damage to a town’s Parks and Recreation.

Trees in New Haven County

Based on research done for a tree study in New Haven by Yale University, New Haven’s trees – like many other cities – were dying. The uncontrolable Dutch Elm Disease had spread to Dutch Elm Trees in the 1950’s and 1960’s in New Haven, and nearly wiped out their population. Still today, Dutch Elm Disease is affecting the Dutch Elm Trees that are left over. The once beautiful tree that gave New Haven so much history, was quickly being taken away from us.

As a response to the rapid tree loss, Mayor John DeStefano back in 2009 announced the “Tree Haven 10k”. This was a city-wide goal for New Haven to plant 10,000 trees in five years. New Haven, along with major cities such as Los Angeles and New York City, took up a strategy to promote tree growth. New Haven concentrated on areas that needed the most canopy cover by trees, for the best results for the environment. In fact, trees are great for the environment, consuming large amounts of air pollution. Urban cities are in much greater need of tree coverage than rural areas do to dense population. According to Nature World News, more than 80 percent of Americans live in urban areas, proving how important urban forests are to America. Trees are able to absorb about 48 pounds of Carbon Dioxide a year at its mature tenth year (or its most productive year).

Dutch Elm Trees, after they died, have been replaced with with Norway Maple trees. Although one in four trees in New Haven is a Norway Maple Tree, they have a short life span and are dying out. Major threats are spreading to the trees each year throughout the cities, and tree species seem to be suffering for it. The effort by New Haven to plant additional trees has proven to be a success as trees are once again lining streets of the city. Improvements need to be made with additional tree plantings, but progress has been made.

While there has been an increase in trees in New Haven county, the threat of unpredictable New England weather remains. From heavy winds and snow, to hail and occasional hurricanes, New England weather greatly varies. This ends up putting further stress on the trees, which can potentially destroy the them. In a heavy storm, trees can threaten urban areas if limbs or the whole tree falls. That is where Precision Cutting Services comes in hand with CT Tree Removal, to tackle emergency tree removal services. If you have a tree in need of removal and would like a free estimate, contact us today!

Emerald Ash Borer – A New Threat to Connecticut Trees


A recent infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer has made its way to Connecticut. It has been here for 2 or 3 years, but now has greatly spread to many trees in New Haven county. We want to alert the public that many dead or decaying trees have been due to the recent infestation of this beetle.

How Did the Beetle Get Here?

The beetle was originally from China and has made its way here through the international trade of lumber. The concern of this beetle is that once it attacks a tree, there is no way for the tree to be saved. The tree must be removed before it decays and falls. The numbers of this beetle will diminish anytime soon. Dr. Claire Rutledge from the Connecticut Department of Entomology believes that the beetle is directly responsible for the death of many Ash trees all over the state. The beetles are on the third year of infestation, and she explains that in the 6th year, 100 percent of the Ash trees will be dead. In a short amount of time, this beetle can wipe out an entire field of Ash trees. This is concerning to Connecticut’s tree species because some forests have already lost half of their Ash Trees.

Where Does the Beetle Feed?

The beetles are hard to detect as they cannot be seen from the outside of the tree bark. They nest their way on the inside of the tree, and carve holes from one side of the tree to the other making exit holes. They feed on the inside of the trunk, destroying the tree’s structure and making it prone to collapsing.

How Can We Stop the Infestation?

The Forestry Division is encouraging people to “buy local and burn local”. This means that your wood should come from local American sources and should not be bought overseas. To help control the beetle population, a wasp from Asia is one of the predators of the beetle that will be introduced to CT’s trees. It cannot save the trees already affected from this disease, but it can greatly control the pest population, preventing years of further damage.

For a free quote to determine if your trees are safe, contact Precision Cutting Services today. Ash trees that are currently affected need to be taken down with emergency tree removal, or they will continue to get worse. Unfortunately, there is no way to help the trees already affected. By quickly removing dead trees affected by the beetle, you will ensure that the beetle will be prevented from spreading to other Ash trees nearby. Precision Cutting Services will provide a safe, yet effective way to remove the dead trees – but will preserve the ones unaffected.

Checklist for Caring for Trees in the Winter

Winter preparation is essential in order to sustain the life of your trees season after season. Many people leave their trees alone in the winter, but this can often lead to disease and even death. With these few steps provided below, we can help you to preserve your trees and learn future tips to keep your landscaping perfect.


Dead Branches

Clear out limbs, excess branches that look like they are dead or draping over houses and sidewalks. With stress, these can break and cause injury to people or even damage to houses.



Allow your trees to get a lot of water during he fall so they do not go dry into the winter. Dry soil can lead to trees dying, and when temperatures hit freezing, a lot more damage will be caused to trees with dry soil. This has the most impact on Evergreen trees, which are of abundance in the Northeast.


Pruning Trees

The best time to prune a tree is in the winter, even though they are inactive and dormant. Season often matters when pruning trees, and weather is the best season. Many people think that pruning trees is est in the middle of growing season to better determine the branches that are alive and which ones are dead.


Mulch, Hydrate and Fertilize

Trees still need attention during the cold days of winter which is why mulching, hydrating and fertilizing the right amount are important throughout every season of the year. Make sure not to add an excess of mulch due to it reducing the tree’s oxygen levels which increase diseases like fungus and increase moisture.


elmPreparing Trees Before Damage Is Done

Due to the winter months often having a lot of snow, this can create a bad environment for your trees. Excess snow and salt can seep into the soil and damage it’s health. In order to save your trees from salt, you can water the tree to wash out excess salt from the tree and the soil. This will prevent any future damage from the salt.


If you feel that your tree is damaged during the Winter or Fall and needs to be removed, don’t hesitate contact us! Damaged trees can often go unnoticed with the build up of snow, and if you wait too long, it can fall and cause major damage. Inspecting your trees often will help you realize their current state of health.

Hurricane Season Ending While Snow Season is Not Far Off

With Hurricane season ending officially November 20th, and another harsh season of winter storms beginning – our trees can never have a break! Hurricanes this past year have knocked down thousands of trees across the U.S. These major tropical storms were able to weaken trees to the point of falling. Trees would knock out power lines, or even worse, block major roads and even leave people stranded.

With the winter season coming, the same thing is bound to happen. High winds will weaken the tree’s structure and heavy snow will be too much for branches to sustain. Many tree branches fall during the winter, causing damage to houses, yards, etc. If the snow is heavy enough, trees can loosen and fall.

Not only does heavy snow affect the trees, but the cold temperatures cause trees to rot and die. Frost cracks also happen to trees when the temperature is below 15 degrees. The wood contracts faster than the inside layer with a drop in temperatures. This gives the tree big vertical cracks at the weak areas of the tree trunk. Almost all trees can end up with vertical cracks. If you see a lot of cracks in your tree, your tree may be dying. You can contact Precision Cutting Services for a free tree removal estimate.

Aside from the cold weather affecting trees, the lack of water causes the majority of the Northern deciduous trees to fall. Trees with needles are more capable of sustaining winter weather with regards to water loss. Trees with needles have less of a surface area than leaves, which allows for more water-loss control. But, this type of tree with needles such as the conifer, still lose a lot of dead needles off the tree which can cause them to die.



Blasting Occuring in the town of Ansonia

Local blasting in Ansonia, CT is happening . Many complaints from blasting are from the vibrations felt miles away. Sometimes these small vibrations can cause property damage and damage things such as trees. If trees are already unstable, it is likely that they can fall. If you have damaged trees from the blasting, we can help at Precision Cutting Services. We have emergency tree removal to help in events like this where trees may be left unstable.

An accepted distance from any local structures is between 200 ft and 250 ft. In the town of Ansonia, blasting will be a distance of at least 800 ft. Ground vibration can still occur, and even with the extra distance, neighbors are concerned. People are encouraged in the town of Ansonia to document the condition of walls and sidewalks on their property after the blast.

Air blasts from blasting of property are allowed up to 133 decibels, but any amount over 115 decibels is very noticeable with possible house shaking, pictures moving and windows shaking. Sometimes, these blasts can shatter windows, and possibly do more damage. We offer a FREE QUOTE on tree removal services, to estimate how much damage was done. So be prepared for the future blasting, and know that here at Precision Cutting Services, we are here to aide with property damage and removal of trees.