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Tree Removal in Shelton

If you are looking for tree cutting services in the New Haven County, consider using Precision Cutting Services as your professional tree cutting service. Whether you are looking for tree removal or branch cutting, Precision Cutting Services can help you to get your lawn in top shape!

Are you in Need of Tree Removal?

At Precision Cutting Services, we can help you to remove your tree and your property will not be damaged with Branford tree removal. When we remove your tree, we will place a tarp on the ground so our vehicles will not create tire marks in your property. The tree will then be carefully removed by our licensed tree cutters. We do not recommend trying to remove a tree yourself since it requires heavy duty equipment, and you can get injured if not removed properly. The skill required to remove a tree means that you should leave the job to a professional only.

When Your Tree is Removed but You Need Stump Grinding

Cutting down a tree is the easy part when compared to removing a tree stump. Since the stump is so heavy, if it has to be removed it must be pulled out with a crane. The easy way to get rid of a stump is to grind it down with a chainsaw to the ground, and cover the remaining stump with soil. If you stump needs to be removed it should be cut until most of the stump is gone and then lifted out by a professional tree cutter. Do not try stump removal by yourself, as there are many ways to do this wrong. You can be injured or left with major property damage. If you are in the Shelton area, try Shelton CT tree service.

Snow and Ice Management

For commercial properties, we have snow and ice management services to quickly get your property cleared so you can resume your business. Some of the services we offer include: snow removal, snow plowing, snow blowing, ice removal, salting and more! If you have a flat roof and do not remove the snow quick enough, your roof can cave in. Be sure to quickly remove the snow to prevent property damage.

If you want tree removal, tree cutting or snow management within a reasonable amount of time, contact Precision Cutting Services today. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, we are willing to help get your property back to looking its best again! Give us a call today for a free quote, to begin your tree removal and property maintenance services.

Winter Time Tree Cutting is Necessary to Maintain a Healthy Property


If you are in need of tree cutting services during the winter, PCS is available for emergency tree removal 24/7. We understand that snowstorms have a large impact on landscape and tree health, which is why we will be there as soon as possible to help in case there are fallen branches or trees.

It is a great idea to prepare your trees for winter. Getting your trees inspected before the harsh Connecticut winter storms will help your trees to last a healthy life and bare the cold. Even if you take preventative measures with your trees such as: watering, pruning, mulch, etc – there is still a chance that your tree can become weak from the bitter cold. This can make your tree more vulnerable to cracking and disease.

When your trees are healthy, it is one less thing to worry about. You will ensure the safety of your home and family by having your trees inspected or removed if necessary. There are more obvious signs that a tree should be removed and more subtle ones that may not be seen with the eye. A tree can be damaged or diseased on the inside that would be difficult to notice unless you were a professional tree inspector. 
It is necessary to seek professional tree help especially during the winter. When snow starts falling on trees and branches, it weakens them. If your trees are already weak, this makes your trees more likely to fall and cause damage. Contact Precision Cutting Services for a free tree removal estimate, and manage at risk trees before a snowstorm!

Get Your Trees Removed Before the Winter!

Precision Cutting Services has been in the tree removal business for years. They take pride in the quality work which brings our business to be mostly advertised by client referral. If you are in the New haven county area and are looking for monroe ct tree service, contact Precision Cutting Services.

Tree Cutting in the Winter

Due to many snowstorms in the Winter, the weather has a tremendous effect on the health of your trees. It is always a good idea to inspect your trees throughout the winter months just to make sure nothing is wrong with their health and have seymour tree removal if tree removal is needed. Some obvious tree problems to look for are: peeling bark, holes in trees, pests, leaning trees, falling branches or branches about to fall, etc. If you spot any of these issues it is important to give a local tree removal service a call. Trees can have serious or less serious problems, and depending on the issue, they may not need to be removed. There are many instances where a tree may just need a few branches cut and it’s back to its great health again!

Stump Grinding

If your tree stump needs to be removed, it is best to let a professional handle it. Tree stumps can be taken out in one of two ways: They can be grinded down with a chainsaw or they can be cut until the roots and then removed with a heavy duty truck. With the equipment at Precision Cutting Services, we will be able to safely and promptly remove a tree stump without damaging any property. When a tree or tree stump is removed, it will be dragged by a truck. The truck will have a tarp underneath it when it drives on the property, so that the truck will not create tire marks. We will leave your property in the condition that it was in before the tree was removed, and your property will be in a clean and neat condition. If you need stump grinding, trust the professionals at Precision Cutting Services.

Whether you need tree cutting, stump grinding or other landscaping services – Precision Cutting Services is a reliable full-service tree cutting company that you can trust. All of our staff have at least 5 years of tree cutting experience and we are a fully insured company. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to have your lawn looking in tip-top shape!

Tree Removal Services and Stump Grinding in CT

With New Haven’s premier Tree Removal company, you can have a well-maintained lawn at any time of the year. If you want a beautifully maintained yard at a reasonable price, Precision Cutting Services has got you covered in Seymour and surrounding towns. We do everything from tree removal and stump grinding to 4 season property maintenance.

Our Services

Some of our professional tree services include:

  • Evaluate leaning or risky trees
  • Safe removal of trees at-risk
  • Cut or remove dead or diseased trees
  • Commercial and residential landscaping
  • 24/7 emergency tree removal
  • Snow & ice maintenance
  • Winter maintenance and snowplowing

Tree Removal

Tree removal is our specialty here at Precision Cutting Services. We have the equipment to take care of both large and small trees, and properly remove them from your property without causing damage. Tree removal is important because if you wait too long to remove a tree that looks diseased or decaying, you may end up having the tree fall. It is always best to get your trees inspected once a year to see if there are any concerns with your trees. If you see anything that looks unusual with your trees, do not hesitate to call us to check out your property.

Stump Grinding

When a tree is cut down and taken away, you are still left with the stump. Sometimes, removing the stump can be the toughest job. The stump can be taken out by removal or grinding, depending on tree size and location of the roots. Stump removal is when the stump is cut off from the root system, and the bulk of the stump is lifted out of the ground with a crane. Sometimes, stumps cannot be removed and must be grinded by a saw. Whatever method you may need to use to remove your stump, Precision Cutting Services has got you covered!

So if you are in need of tree removal or stump grinding services in the Connecticut area and Monroe, then call Precision Cutting Services today. Contact us to get a free tree removal estimate, and be on your way to having a safe, and beautiful property. For information on safe tree removal do not hesitate to ask our helpful staff any questions.

Dealing with Stubborn Trees and Branches in CT

If you are in need of a tree removal company in Connecticut, Precision Cutting Services has you covered. With years of experience performing minor tree stump removal to major emergency tree removal – you can count on us to be there for your tree’s health. When we remove a tree, we always make sure your property is as neat as it was before we removed the tree. We know our customers count on us to make their properties safer and have an ideal appearance, which is why our team always displays hard work and respect on the job

The experienced tree removal pros are fully licensed and insured, making tree removal safe and effective. We have top of the line equipment to safely handle your trees and branches, and will put a tarp down on your lawn when our or vehicles go over(so we don’t make tracks in the soil).

If you need your trees removed right away we offer 24 hour emergency tree removal services. We will get there as soon as we can to remove the tree from your property. If the tree has knocked down wires, do not go near it as the wires could be live. We have the techniques and equipment advanced enough to handle trees that have fallen or branches that are in difficult positions. If your tree has fallen on your property or someone else’s property, then it needs to be taken down by professional tree cutters. With the right equipment and experience that we have, you can expect your tree removal to go smoothly.

We do both residential and commercial tree trimming and tree removal services. At a reasonable price, you can have removed: tree stumps, tree branches and whole trees. If you see signs of tree decay, you should have your tree immediately looked at by a professional. Contact Peter L. Brown today for a free tree service estimate.


Why it is Important to Prepare Your Trees For the Fall in Seymour

Hydrating Your Trees – Making sure that your trees have enough water to endure the cold Fall months in Seymour is important. A good way to get water directly to the roots is to use subsurface watering which uses an injection probe to deliver water 12 inches into the soil. This is a new way to give trees a relief from drought weather for the perfect commercial landscaping.

Fertilization –  Properly fertilizing your trees will help them get through the fall and winter months. This will help replace the nutrients that your tree needs in order to prevent damage, insect infestation and disease.

Knowing When to Plant – The best time to plant new trees is in the Fall. New trees will have a better chance of surviving the colder months than summer months with excessive heat and drought. In the Fall, trees can spread their roots and have a much better chance surviving the weather.

Preparing for the Cold – Since snow and cold temperatures can also damage trees aside from the hot summers, be sure to protect your trees from extreme weather conditions. It is important before the winter to cable, brace and prune your trees. You can do the pruning before Winter starts, since pruning in the Fall will be easier with trees having no leaves.

So if you are looking to take care of your trees before the extreme cold weather hits, you should apply these tips to all of your trees in both Seymour and Monroe. Extra care goes a long way, and you trees will be healthier than ever by the Spring. However, if your trees for some reason do not last through the Fall or Winter months, contact Precision Cutting Services today for tree removal.

Have Your Trees Trimmed and Cut in Hamden Before Extreme Weather

With summer coming to an end, it is time to have trees trimmed before the winter with Hamden Tree Removal. It is important to have trees looked at after the summer weather varying from: extreme, drying heat to hurricanes and thunderstorms. This weakens trees and you may unknowingly be dealing with trees about to fall.  

It is also a good idea to get trees inspected with a reliable tree service before the cold fall and winter weather. Cold weather alone can weaken trees, and it is important to get diseased or dying trees taken care of before the winter season. The winter will make it much more difficult to trim branches and cut down trees. A simple tree cutting in the fall can turn out to require a major emergency tree removal in the winter. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

With heavy snowfall in the winter, it can weigh down tree limbs which can ultimately fall. This can become dangerous for people walking by or it can affect your property. A tree trimming in the Fall before Winter will help to prevent tree limbs from weakening and falling. Aside from tree limbs, the trees on your property should be inspected to make sure they are healthy enough to endure the harsh winter. If they are not healthy, they pose as a hazard and should be taken down immediately. The cost of having a tree taken down will not compare to the cost of the damage done to your property from a tree falling.

So if it’s been awhile that your trees have been inspected, it is important to get them done before the winter. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to book your appointment to get your trees inspected before the winter. The sooner your trees are inspected, the sooner any tree problems can be solved. Call for a free estimate today!

Summer Services are Still Available for Shelton CT

The summer is still not over in Shelton CT, and our summer landscaping and tree cutting services are still being offered. We do landscaping and tree cutting throughout all seasons of the year, but it is best to take care of trees and landscaping before the cold fall and winter months. It is much more difficult to maintain landscapes in the winter.

If you see any trees that need attention, now is the time to call Precision Cutting Services. Trees that are leaning or have branches falling should be taken care of right away before bad storm come in the fall or winter. Even if you do not see any tree damage from the outside, it is best to get the examined before well before a big winter storm.

There are many things internally that can be wrong with a tree and should be ruled out before major weather events. Trees can be decaying from the inside and weakening – without you even knowing! 75 percent of trees that fall could have prevented the fall from an annual tree inspection. Trees should especially be inspected after big storms, to ensure that it is safe to go out in your yard.

After consulting with a professional tree cutter, some trees are not able to be saved and need to be cut down. Things like dead or hanging branches can be removed, but when a tree is leaning or is diseased – it most likely needs to be taken down. With everyone’s safety in mind, it is often the best option to remove a tree that is having a problem.

Many tree problems can be prevented from a tree inspection. Not all inspections lead to a tree being taken down. Both healthy and unhealthy tree should be inspected regularly. Tree inspections made by the owner should be made from the ground, and a tree arborist can make the inspections from a ladder. If you can see from the ground that the tree is a hazard keep people, pets and everything around it away from the tree. Then call an arborist for an emergency tree removal. These trees are a liability and can fall at any time. Whether you need an emergency tree removal or just need your trees and lawn inspected before the fall and winter – you can rely on Precision Cutting Services to be there! Contact them today.

Emergency Tree Removal in East Haven

Precision Cutting Services recently took care of an emergency tree removal job in East Haven. On July 29th, an accident happened in East Haven where a tree snapped and fell on a 16 year old boy – trapping him underneath. The fire department and the team at Precision Cutting Services helped to free the boy. The boy is currently in critical condition. Unfortunately, accidents like this are rare, but can happen.

Paul Skerritt (owner of Precision Cutting Services) was interviewed by WTNH. We  recommend getting an annual tree inspection to make sure all of your trees are in good health. A tree inspection is also recommended after a storm, to ensure that there are no leaners or hangers. Paul stressed the importance of looking at trees in the summer stating, “Trees that right now don’t have a lot of leaves on them should be something that you might have a professional look at.”

In any emergency tree event, Precision Cutting Services will be there. With 24/7 availability for emergency tree services, we are able to bring your property back to the way it was before.

We provided the video below showing Paul Skerritt speaking. The 16 year old boy has now suffered a partial loss of his kidney, multiple broken bones and a punctured lung. The staff at Precision Cutting Services are hoping the boy has a speedy recovery.


Summer Tree Cutting in Durham CT

If you are in the Durham, CT and need summer tree removal services or landscaping services then know that Precision Cutting Services is there for all of your summer property maintenance. From tree removal and stump grinding, to commercial and residential landscaping – our services will make sure your property is in tip-top shape!

For tree removal services, we have experts with at least five years of experience operating equipment. We can assure you that your property will not be harmed while we are removing your tree, and everything will be as neat as it was before the tree removal. We do stump grinding, and will uproot your tree to give your property a better appearance. If you are need of emergency tree removal services, we are available 24/7. Whether your tree fell from a storm, or is endangering your property because it is about to fall – we will be there to remove your tree right away.

We also do residential and commercial landscaping in the New Haven county and surrounding areas. Here at Precision Cutting Services, we don’t just cut down trees. From snow removal in the winter to ground maintenance in the summer, we can cover all of your landscaping needs. For residential services, we cover single family houses to large housing complexes. For commercial services, we handle them much differently than residential services. We have the equipment to be able to take care of large=scale commercial business projects.
So if you are in the Durham CT area and are looking for tree removal or landscaping services, then contact Precision Cutting Services today! Have your property maintained by licensed professional tree cutters and landscapers. You can now have your property professionally maintained at a reasonable price!