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Four Season Property Maintenance with Precision Cutting Services

All of your landscaping goals can be achieved with the full-service landscaping and tree cutting service by Precision Cutting Services. Our experienced staff handles many aspects of landscaping such as shrub and tree care, lawn mowing, Spring and Fall cleanups, and much more. The innovation, service and craftsmanship delivered by Precision Cutting Services allows customers to achieve the exact desired look for their property.

Tree Removal

Removing unsightly trees can be done with ease by the contractors from Precision Cutting Services. Our staff has at least five years of experience operating heavy equipment and climbing ladders, so they have enough expertise to perform the job safely. We value your family’s safety as well as the safety of your property, which is why its so important to at least have your trees inspected annually. With Guilford, CT tree removal, our tree removal pros will help you from small projects such as branch cutting to larger projects like tree and stump removal.  

Landscape Services

The landscape services provided by Precision Cutting Services consist of everything from lawn mowing to installing extravagant gardens. We will perform both residential and commercial landscaping Orange, CT to deliver a landscape that is both aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance. The best part of having your landscape done is that you can sit back, and enjoy your yard without having to lift a finger!

For all jobs performed, a certificate of insurance will be mailed to you. We are both licensed and insured to perform every job professionally and with safety. If you would like a free evaluation on any work done to your property, contact us today. Here at Precision Cutting Services, we would be glad to help transform your lawn, one outdoor service at a time.

Keeping Up With Winter Property Maintenance

Tree cutting in Connecticut is necessary when the Wintertime rolls around. If you want a great looking lawn all year round, then now is the time to have your lawn and trees inspected by Precision Cutting Services. Here at Precision Cutting Services, we have been in business for over 20 years. Each of our tree cutting specialists have at least five years of experience operating equipment and climbing trees before even beginning the job. We are licensed and insured, providing you save tree removal for all four seasons of the year!

Precision Cutting Services will never ask you for your payment until the job is finished to your liking. Our positive reviews and BBB certification lets you know that we are a reliable company that shows customer dedication. Our full-service landscape company takes care of both commercial and residential properties with:

  • Cutting and removal of dead trees
  • Cutting and trimming branches
  • Evaluating Leaning Trees
  • Stump grinding
  • Landscaping services

So if your property has an issue with a tree to close to a building or one that looks like it is decaying, do not wait to take care of the issue. Don’t let your commercial landscaping Branford, CT go too long without a tree inspection. Trees that are dangerous that are not addressed right away can cause property damage or injury to people if they fall. Precision Cutting Services will offer a free evaluation to examine your trees and see if they are healthy.

With 20 years in combined knowledge, design, installation, Branford tree cutting and lawn and plant care – Precision Cutting Services can help with whatever your property needs. From regular tree maintenance and branch cutting to emergency tree services, we can be there for all of your tree cutting and property maintenance needs. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to have your property well-maintained this Winter season!

Winter Tree Cutting in Oxford

The winter season is here again bringing cooler weather, shorter days, and the reminder that it’s time to remove that tree off your property. Winter might turn your yard into a winter wonderland, but it can easily turn into a nightmare. Snowstorms can cause property damage due to dead trees falling or weakened branches breaking because of heavy snow. Instead of worrying about property damage, now is the time to stop it before it happens with Oxford CT tree removal.

As the winter months progress, it brings on the freezing low temperatures known to freeze the ground and cover branches with ice. Heavy snow can cause branches to break and fall sometimes causing power outages. Thanks to the Fall and lack of leaves, a simple look at the structure of the trees will be easy for our technicians to assess if they need to trim anything.

Due to freezing temperatures, the ground starts to harden making it easier for large equipment to get to on your property, however, the task becomes harder if the ground is covered in snow. The lack of leaves makes cleanup easier since all the leaves have fallen off. Removal of the stomp will be pushed back until the spring due to the ground freezing, but once it thaws it will be easy to uproot.

Winter is the perfect reminder to get diseased or dead trees and weakened branches off your property before it starts to snow. If you’re in need of tree cutting Oxford CT removal services this winter in Oxford, CT, contact Precision Cutting Services at 203-466-2400 or go on our site and a request a free quote now!

Fall Cleanup and Tree Removal in Oxford, CT

Now that we are well into the Fall season, it is the perfect time to consider landscaping and tree removal services. Precision Cutting Services is a reliable Landscaping and Tree Cutting company that has been operating for over 20 years. After years of successful projects that are finished until complete customer satisfaction is achieved, it is guaranteed that you will have a positive experience!

The full-service landscaping and tree cutting company is located in New Haven, CT, and services surrounding towns including Oxford tree removal. Tree removal should only be left to the professionals who have the right equipment for the job to safely be done. From stump grinding to branch cutting, the Fall is especially a necessary time to have this done. Trees are much harder to remove in the Winter since snow conditions can 

make it a much more dangerous job. Weak trees should be examined before Winter by professional tree removal Oxford CT to ensure the structure is strong enough for the Winter.

Landscaping service should also be taken care of in the Fall. This may include leaf raking, lawn care, plant beds, landscaping design and more. We perform comprehensive ground maintenance to provide you with the best looking lawn, no matter what season!

With Precision Cutting Services, you can have the best lawn for the Fall. Fall cleanups are difficult, especially after an excess of leaves, tree branches and debris fall on your lawn. Make it easy this Fall season and contact a professional lawn care and tree cutting service today!

Preventative Tree Maintenance in Guilford

Here at Precision Cutting Services, our fully licensed and insured tree cutting and landscaping contractors will help to restore your lawn to its best state. From tree removal with Bethany tree service to lawn care, we will get your property in top shape. With flexible contracts and quality services, you can have a reliable contractor to make your lawn look professional and well-tended.

Preventative Tree Cutting and Removal

If you need Guilford CT tree service right away for emergency tree removal due to a recent severe storm, we are there 24/7 to service your lawn. If you suspect leaning or diseased trees, they should be taken care of right away. Do not wait until something catastrophic happens to your lawn; the cost could be sky high for a tree that falls on your property or even your home. When dealing with insurance, they may not cover all of the damage caused by the tree. Save money and time and have a reliable tree company remove trees at the time they should be removed. Spending money on tree removal now will save you on excess costs if your tree falls later on.

Lawn Care

We also handle lawn care from commercial to residential landscaping. Whether you have a business or home property to maintain, trust a reliable landscaper to keep it looking great in every season! Whether you have leaves to pick up in the Fall or grass to maintain in the Summer, Precision Cutting Services will be there! Our flexible contracts offer simplified budgeting for our clients so our services are affordable to everyone.

Your lawn will be well-maintained with Precision Cutting Services. We always clean up thoroughly after each tree cutting or landscaping job. With every service, safety comes first and we will never put your property at risk for damage. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to have the best lawn in the neighborhood!

Landscaping and Tree services in Branford

Landscaping design is important to maintain especially towards the end of the Summer and beginning of Fall for commercial landscaping Branford CT. Grass still needs to be maintained, while leaves and branches might even start to fall. Although there is a lot more maintenance in the Fall months, the late Summer months are still in need of maintenance, especially if you like to entertain guests.

If you would still like to have plush, green grass for the end of the Summer and beginning of Fall months, go with a reliable landscaper like Precision Cutting Services. For a low-maintenance yard, have your yardscape cared for with everything from planting to lawn mowing.

Aside from Lawn care, we also specialize in tree care. We have been in the tree cutting industry for over 20 years, delivering aesthetically pleasing lawn designs and well maintained environments. We will give you the lawn solution you need for low maintenance care, without sacrificing quality. We can do customizable lawn services to help make your vision a reality.

With a free Branford CT tree removal estimate, we can examine your trees to make sure they are in proper health. We recommend an annual tree inspection, especially if there was just a severe storm. If we believe that a tree is unhealthy or in danger of falling, we will cut down the tree right away with our 24/7 emergency tree removal.

With our combined knowledge of tree service, lawn/plant care, installation and landscaping design, we can assure you that you will be impressed with our services. Our full-service landscaping company will help to bring your property to life and meet each of our customer’s unique goals!

There’s Still Time to Maintain Your Summer Lawn

Although it is late in the summer season, there is still time to maintain your lawn for another month of lush, green grass and beautiful blooming flowers. The heat is not wearing off anytime soon, which is a good sign for those who are looking to keep their property looking flawless with commercial landscaping West Haven CT.

Caring for Your Lawn

Making sure that your lawn is in great shape for Summer and even Fall entertaining makes it a more inviting space. After the dog days of summer die down, there are still many plants that flourish. Deciding to fill gardens with next season’s plants such as gorgeous mums that bloom in many colors from bright oranges to rich purples will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Also, be sure to seed your lawn now, to get vibrant, patch-free grass for next Spring. With lawn care, preparation is key.

Analyzing Trees Before the Fall

Cleaning up your landscape is important before the Fall months. Many people ignore their lawn once plants die, but this is a crucial time to make sure your trees are in great shape since they have to endure the colder months. A professional tree cutter from Precision Cutting Services will be able to analyze your lawn and trees to make sure you are well prepared for the harsher fall months. If we suspect that any trees are in danger of falling, we will remove the tree right away.

Taking steps for preventative maintenance is important in order to have a lawn looking its best in the Spring and Summer months. Leave it up to a commercial landscaping Milford CT and tree professionals to make your property look its best. Contact Peter L. Brown today to have your property looking great for the late summer months and every season of the year!

Analyze the Condition of Your Trees at the End of the Summer

Tree cutting services are still popular towards the end of the summer. With many severe storms that we experienced over the Spring and Summer seasons, it is important to get your trees accessed by a professional tree cutting service. Preventative maintenance is important when it comes to trees. Storms from severe thunderstorms to heavy rainfall can weaken both tree limbs and tree trunks.

Precision Cutting Services has been performing tree removal services for over 20 years in the New Haven County area. Our combined craftsmanship, design and knowledge will give you a quality tree service at a reasonable price. Each job is approached with care and we are passionate about bringing your lawn to life. Whether you need Guilford tree removal or landscaping maintenance, we can help you.

We will safely remove any at-risk trees, and have a 24/7 availability for emergency tree removal services. We have all the services you need from commercial to residential landscaping services. We also offer free estimates on any tree services to give you the best advice for your lawn. Our 4 season property maintenance will allow you to have the ideal landscape for all seasons of the year!

Our Branford tree cutting services offers Branford and surrounding towns environmentally friendly landscape solutions and aesthetically pleasing designs. We turn our customer’s visions into a reality, to give them the customized look that they want. Tree cutting is dangerous work, and you should only leave it to the true professionals. Contact Precision Cutting Services to have your lawn accessed to inspect the condition of your trees.

Hamden Homeowners: Don’t hire an excavator for tree removal!

After tornadoes tore through CT this week, many people were calling tree removal services to help clean up fallen trees due to the storm – not due to tree excavators. Recently, a customer named Kimberly in Hamden had a neighbor who had a tree cutting service that went horribly wrong. The excavator that the neighbor thought had the safety and experience to handle the proper landing of one tree, accidentally had a bulldozer knock the tree into the Kimberly’s fence. To make things worse, the damage caused $7,000 of damage to Kimberly’s property – which the company refused to cover the costs.

The contractor was attempting to remove a tree from their neighbors lawn, when the huge tree came crashing down onto their fence. Back in May, Kimberly had damage to her Hamden property that tore down trees. But, that was due to mother nature and not a faulty contractor. The contractor from Branford made it seem like he wanted to fix the issue and would pay cash for damages, only to find out later on that Kimberly’s calls to the company were never returned. The contractor from Massey Bros. Excavating LLC, David Massey, assured Kimberly that the damages would be covered. David was not true to his word, and Consumer investigators knocked on his door – which he never answered. Kimberly then went through her insurance company and will get a check for $4,400 minus the 1,000 deductible. This is still not enough to cover the entire amount of property damage caused by the fallen tree.

How to Avoid Dealing With a Bad Contractor

First, when you are in need of tree service, you need to hire a qualified Hamden tree removal expert and not an excavator. Before hiring a tree contractor, there are certain signs that should tell you whether you are dealing with a reliable company or not. Consumer investigators are investigating this case, and trying to make customers aware of a bad contractor.

Here are Some Ways to Handle Dealing with a Contractor:

  • You were asked to pay cash upfront
  • There is no agreement in writing
  • File a claim with contractor who caused damage

If the company asks for cash upfront, that is a sign that you may be encountering a scam. You should never give cash upfront; only when the job is completed to your satisfaction. You should also always have an agreement in writing to what will be done, the payment of the service and if it is covered by insurance. If there is damage, file a claim with the contractor.

To ensure that no one else goes through the same experience that this customer went through, research your contractors and make sure they are reliable and qualified to complete the job. Always make sure they have insurance that will cover any damage on the job. For a reliable tree removing company that is full licensed, insured and finish the job to our customer’s satisfaction – Leave tree removal to the specialists, contact Precision Cutting Services today!

View the video here from NBC news if you have not yet seen it!



Landscaping Services in Orange and West Haven

Having the best landscape in town takes hard work and dedication. Maintaining a lawn yourself is not recommended unless you know how to correctly take care of each and every plant. If you do this yourself, you can end up with a disappointing lawn this year. Since every plant needs different amounts of sunlight and water, the wrong combination can easily kill your plants.

If you are looking for some commercial landscaping West Haven CT ideas then you have come to the right place. First, start with a plan. To have a great yard you have to know everything you are going to have on your lawn before you start and make a mistake. Imagining your yard is a canvas and dividing it into sections will better help you visualize the outcome.

You can do things in stages if you cannot finish the project right away. You may not have the money or time to do everything at once, which is fine. Choose the large plants first that you would like to install to add balance to your lawn. They act as dividers between different sections of your lawn and look nice up against the house or a fence.

Then, you can layer your planting. The largest plants look best in the back and the smallest plants look best in the front. This helps the lawn to have some order so it doesn’t look like plants were unplanned and were just planted anywhere.

If you have a walking path, this is a great opportunity to install small and low growing plants around the edges. This enhances the walkway and you may want to think of installing lights around the walkway to make the flowers pop at night.

With the help from Precision Cutting Services, you can have the commercial landscaping Orange CT. From tree maintenance to lawn maintenance, you can have the perfect outdoor oasis for every season. With professional installation of shrubs, trees, flowers and mulch – you can have the yard that you always wanted for less!