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Expert Large Tree Removal in CT

Large dead trees are not only an eyesore on your property, but they are also dangerous. Falling limbs have the ability to damage your home, cars, and even yourself or your family. This is why it is essential to have experts who know how to remove these large trees properly. Here at a Precision Cutting Services we are a full-service tree company that can handle everything from minor tree issues to major 24/7 emergency tree removal.

With Precision Cutting Services we will thoroughly evaluate your property to ensure that your property is safe enough for you and your family. We also provide FREE estimates for large tree removal, so that you have the confidence you are paying a reasonable amount for the work being done. Your large trees will be removed from the premises in a safe manner and prevents future damage or issues.

Customer Michelle Bissenden said of Precision Cutting Services, “Thank you Paul, Yolanda and the entire crew! We had several trees, including two large trees that needed to come down. The price was very reasonable! The crew was very professional and did an outstanding job! They cleaned everything up and the yard looked great! Thank you for all your hard work! I recommend this company highly! Super job!”

If you need a large tree removed by a company that you can trust to get the job done well and at a reasonable price, call Precision Cutting Services!

Why Should You Remove Precarious Trees Before Snowstorms?


Snowstorms can uproot feeble trees and cause damage or injury

Winters in Connecticut bring in piercing winds, snowstorms, and winter storms. These winter offerings can wreak havoc and cause destruction. But prior preparation can save you a lot of trouble and resources. Instead of just cutting spruce trees for Christmas, get diseased or old trees removed to avoid injury.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, and it is recommended to call in expert tree removal services to be prepared for snowstorms.

Getting rid of trees in winters to be prepared for snowing season limits the risk of damage. And it also does not affect the surrounding plantation because there isn’t much of it. However, in spring, blossoming flowers and herbaceous growth might get spoiled from the impact.

Cutting down frail trees in winters is relatively easier than in summers. Cold weather causes the ground to get hard which helps taking out the trees with minimal damage unless the ground is already covered with snow.

In winters, trees are mostly bare without much foliage, which reduces the weight of the trees. Thus, it’s easier to lift the tree off the ground. Tree removal can be a risky undertaking if the area is crowded. But the icy cold weather in Connecticut keeps people tucked into warm buildings, reducing chances of accidents.

Do you have a tree that might knock over because it has lost its vigor to withstand the impending winter storms in Connecticut? Make sure to get it removed before the snowing season arrives.

If you are looking for professional tree removal services in Connecticut, then contact Precision Cutting Services and keep your neighborhood secure.

Why Homeowners Need Professional Tree Services

Whether you are dealing with dead, diseased or damaged trees, or you’re pruning and planting, you should consider calling a local tree expert. When they’re properly planted and maintained, your trees can easily become the focal point of your yard. You may think they’re a hassle-free part of your outdoor life, but trees can easily become damaged or overgrown—which means that you need an arborist’s help.


All trees need periodic pruning for overall good health. However, over-pruning can cause severe damage. A certified tree care pro can determine when and how much to prune. They can also remove dead and damaged branches, cut trees back to encourage new growth, and improve the aesthetics of your trees. A pruning may be a good idea if a tree’s growth is interfering with your home’s roof or nearby power lines. By getting an expert’s advice, you’ll be assured that your trees will be pruned without causing damage.


While tree removal is usually done as a final resort, if one of your trees is in a bad location or if it’s too sick, removal may be the best option. Before opting for removal, ask a Branford tree service pro if this is the right thing to do. In many cases, an arborist can treat a sickly tree, nursing it back to vitality and health. However, if a tree does need to be removed, you should never try to do it yourself.

Damaged and Diseased Trees

When a tree contracts a disease or is damaged, a tree care professional can help to repair it. The efficient, safe removal of limbs and the treatment of disease are just some of the services an arborist can provide. Tree care pros can identify diseases, offer treatment solutions and rid trees of infestations.


If you want to plant new trees but you want to choose species that will thrive in Connecticut’s climate, you should call a local arborist. Durham tree service and care specialists know which trees are suited to the region, and they can choose the right tree for any location. Local arborists know what to expect from various types of trees, which can help you prepare for their future growth and make selections that work in the long term.
Whether you are planting trees or looking to improve the ones you already have, a tree care expert is the right person for the job. With an arborist’s knowledge and advice, you can have trees that are an asset to your home and land.

Knowing When to Remove a Tree


Having trees on your property provides so many benefits – not only are trees aesthetically pleasant, they provide cool shade in the summer months and can be a perfect place for kids to run and play. As every homeowner knows, however, trees can require some maintenance, and evaluation if there is a question about the condition of the tree. If a tree has some visible damage, it might be tough to decide when and how to remove the tree, and at an affordable cost. Those in need of Monroe tree removal should look no further than Precision Cutting Services for any and all tree removal needs. With a free estimate, we will gladly evaluate any tree and give good, sound advice. Regular commercial landscaping maintenance can be an invaluable resource for identifying and dealing with trees that may present a problem in the future.

The first step to seeing if a tree should be removed is to check for any obvious signs of damage. Any tree that is over 50 percent dead should be removed unless it is in absolutely no position to do damage to its surroundings. Any tree on a residential property with a fair amount of damage should most likely be removed. Other than the obvious, how can one tell if a tree is damaged?

A good place to start is taking a good look at the trunk. If there are vertical cracks around the trunk of the tree, especially with no regrowth of bark, this is a good sign that the tree is damaged, dead, or dying. Root damage can also be tough to spot, but roots that are breaking up through the earth, or have caused the tree to lean are both indicative of a dead or dying tree. Fungus near the roots or trunk is also a clear sign of damage.

Dead branches with no leaf growth may also be a sign of a dead tree, but can also simply be dead branches. The experts at Precision Cutting Services can easily tell if just some branches need to be removed, or the entire tree. If all of the dead branches are on one side of the tree, that is a telltale sign that the tree should be removed. If there are just a few dead branches spread throughout the tree, perhaps just those branches should be eradicated.

To find out more about how we can help keep you and your property safe, please give Precision Cutting Services a call at (203) 466-2400 to speak with a member of our staff. We are happy to come to take a look at any tree problem you may have, and provide a free estimate.

Summer DIY Tips for Your Best Lawn This Summer

There are certain techniques and tricks to implement in your lawn to ensure thicker, healthier grass for the Summer season and beyond. Besides having a professional lawncare or Durham tree service on hand like Precision Cutting Services out of Milford, there are certain things that do not require the work of a professional. Other things like tree removal, grass cutting, plant bed design and tree trimming should be left to landscapers and tree removal professionals  with years of experience like Precision Cutting Services.


Grass Cutting

When cutting your grass during the Summer, the ideal height should not be too short. Setting the blades for your lawn mower as high as possible, comes with many benefits that keep both the grass and soil healthy. When you are finished mowing the lawn, you do not need to get rid of the grass clippings. It actually benefits your lawn when the clippings are mixed in with your grass, giving your soil the added nutrients it needs.

Weeding and Watering

Catching weeds before they begin to grow into a full weed is the best way to keep weeds from spreading. Any weeds that have just formed can be pulled out before they continue to spread into the soil. With watering, the perfect amount of water is needed on a weekly basis for the proper nutrition and growth of your grass. For most lawns, this means about an inch of water per week to soak the top 6-8 inches of soil – whether it is from rainwater or manual watering.

By maintaining your lawn, you are ensuring that your lawn remains healthy for not only the Summer but for all seasons. With routine lawn maintenance and Durham tree removal with Precision Cutting Services, you can keep your lawn healthy all year long. Other lawn maintenance that you can do yourself aside from professional work will help to maintain your healthy grass and keep your lawn looking spectacular. Contact Precision Cutting Services to help maintain your lawn with everything from tree services to grass cutting.

Quality Tree Services for Less!

If you are looking for a reasonably-priced tree service, but are afraid of sacrificing on quality – then consider Precision Cutting Services. We have over 20 years of tree removal experience and all of our tree removal experts have at least 5 years of experience before they are allowed to climb or operate heavy equipment.

Here at Precision Cutting Services, we strive to deliver the best tree services in New Haven county and surrounding towns like Branford tree service. Whether you need to trim, remove or access the safety of your commercial or residential property, you can count on us to quickly handle all tree services. For each job, we will provide a certificate of our insurance and we are licensed and insured to perform all services from stump grinding to branch removal and complete tree removal.

Tree services can be performed any time of the year! This means that you can even have your trees trimmed in the bitter cold Winter months. Our company is always there to provide you with the most reliable tree services, whether you need regular tree service or even emergency tree removal. For tree emergencies, we are available to our clients 24/7 for Bethany tree removal and beyond.

For tree removal services that emphasize quality rather than sky-high prices, consider hiring Precision Cutting Service for your next tree trimming, removal or stump grinding service. We even provide clients with commercial landscaping services to give your yard the ultimate curb appeal along with our reliable tree services. Contact us today to have your next, reasonably-priced tree services in the New Haven county and surrounding areas!

Get the Lawn of Your Dreams with Precision Cutting Services

With Precision Cutting Services, you can have the lawn of your dreams this spring and summer. Now is just the beginning of lawn care services which is when you should be focusing on getting a healthy lawn for a healthy foundation for plants and flowers. Making sure the grass is nourished is the first start to have a great lawn all summer and year-round.

You may have tried to maintain your lawn before and may not have had the success that you could have gotten with a professional lawn care service. Maybe your grass was patchy in certain areas or wasn’t as green as the rest of the neighborhood. Or maybe your plants died early or your lawn design was just not comparable to your neighbors who hire a professional. This year, stop wishing your lawn was healthier or had a more beautiful appearance. Here at Precision Cutting Services, we can maintain your property for a reasonable price with long-lasting results.

Whether you need lawn design or tree trimming or removal, we can help! We perform Branford tree cutting for major and minor tree issues and serve all of the surrounding areas. You may just need a basic tree or branch trimming to enhance your property. If your tree issues are more serious, you may need Branford CT tree removal. For tree emergencies, we are available 24/7 at a moments notice.

For the best lawn care and tree maintenance in the New Haven County and surrounding areas, be sure to contact Precision Cutting Services today. We perform many different services such as grass cutting, weeding, planting, fertilizing, stump grinding, complete tree removal and more! Quality lawn services do not have to be unreasonably priced – and here at Precision Cutting Services – we are offering affordable services that get the job done!

Bring The Entertaining Outside This Spring with Precision Cutting Services

With Spring just around the corner, this means that it is time to bring the indoors outside. From outdoor entertaining on the patio to having kids play outside, you need a space that is both safe and functional for the upcoming months. With Precision Tree Cutting, we have over 20 years of landscaping and tree cutting services to deliver you safe, effective results. Our commercial landscaping New Haven, CT company ensures that your lawn is healthy enough for everyday use.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

You can enhance your backyard all season long with the help of Precision Cutting Services. With landscaping services like grass cutting, edging, plant care, fertilization and more. You can customize the design of your landscape to make your commercial landscaping North Haven, CT vision a reality.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding                              

Make your outdoor environment safe and fully functional with our tree removal services. We have the experience and heavy-duty equipment necessary to safely take down a tree without injury or damage to a property. Do not attempt to do this yourself as there is a high risk of injury. Along with tree removal and cutting we also do stump grinding, stump removal and branch cutting.

Your investment is important here to Precision Cutting Services, which is why we are offering a free estimate on any service. From tree removal to lawn maintenance, the look and safety of your property is important. Always choose a reliable contractor for the best results. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to schedule your first landscaping or tree care appointment!

4 Landscape Trends to Adopt in 2019

Rethinking the way you design your landscape will help it to look its best for 2019. Rather than designing your landscape the same way each year,  look for new trends popping up in landscaping and design. Below are some of the trends that we are seeing this year according to the 2019 Trends in Garden design report by If you are looking for the best landscaping and Branford CT tree service, then Precision Cutting Services is the contractor that you should consider. They service much of the CT area with quality tree and landscape design services to help give your property the boost it needs. Read the 4 garden trends below to be up-to-date on the latest in garden design this year.

  1. Make the Best of Small Gardens – Less is more this year in landscape design and even the smallest gardens can be extremely appealing. In many cases, small gardens can contribute to cutting-edge designs. You can make features in your garden have multiple uses such as having a firebox that doubles as a planter or even a using different planters that compliment plants with different colors and designs.
  2. Rethinking Outdoor Dining Spaces – Think outside the box with traditional dining spaces and design. Outdoor dining used to be located right off the side of the house, conveniently located near the kitchen. We have recently been noticing dining spaces located further into the gardens. If your landscape design is properly maintained with grass cutting and Branford tree removal, this can be a wonderful opportunity to push your dining space further into the gardens.
  3. Embracing Hand-Crafted Designs – Artisanal crafts are coming back in style with many hand-crafted designs popping up in gardens all over the world. Since many garden products are so mass-produced, we often forget the charm and craft that comes from handmade items. Incorporating an artisanal design element into your yard will take your outdoor gardens up a notch!
  4. Seek Garden Inspiration in Person – There’s nothing better than exploring garden designs from all over the world. Inspiration can come from a nearby public garden or even a faraway destination such as the Tokyo Gardens. You can find vision from many things in nature – that you can creatively incorporate into your own garden!


With Precision Cutting Services, rethinking landscape design to include this year’s trends is easier than ever. With an eye for creative designs and the equipment capacity to remove diseased or dead trees, your property will be in top shape this year with Precision Cutting Services. Contact them today for a free evaluation to get started on your new creative project!

Preparing Your Property for the Spring

With the Winter season almost coming to an end, it’s time to think about landscaping and tree cutting services to make your lawn look great for the Fall. Here at Precision Cutting Services, we are the experienced outdoor solutions company that can help with everything from seasonal cleanups to grass cutting and tree removal. We have over 20 years of landscaping and tree removal services, to provide you with a well-maintained property.

It is important to keep up with your property as we transition from the Winter to the Spring months.

How to Prepare your property for the Spring:

  • Cleanup sticks, debris and any fallen trees
  • Prune shrubs and trees
  • Snow and ice management
  • Plant bulbs for Spring flowers

With basic maintenance, you can enhance the aesthetic of your property. Aside from the basic lawn cutting and Branford CT tree cutting, you may want to consider adding fun outdoor elements to enhance your lawn such as outdoor fireplaces or even planters to display beautiful flowers. This is the opportunity to really nurture your lawn so it will look its absolute best for the Spring. From providing your lawn with the proper fertilization to stump grinding and branch cutting, your property can look lush and healthy!

You can have the property of your dreams this Spring with a little extra work put in with Durham CT tree service. This will ensure that all of the trees on your property are safe from the harsh Winter months, just in time for Spring. If you have weak or leaning trees, we have emergency tree removal services available 24/7. With just a little extra care this year with lawn maintenance and tree cutting, you can have the ideal look for your commercial or residential property. Contact us today for a free quote on your next tree or landscape service!