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Summer Tree Cutting in Durham CT

If you are in the Durham, CT and need summer tree removal services or landscaping services then know that Precision Cutting Services is there for all of your summer property maintenance. From tree removal and stump grinding, to commercial and residential landscaping – our services will make sure your property is in tip-top shape!

For tree removal services, we have experts with at least five years of experience operating equipment. We can assure you that your property will not be harmed while we are removing your tree, and everything will be as neat as it was before the tree removal. We do stump grinding, and will uproot your tree to give your property a better appearance. If you are need of emergency tree removal services, we are available 24/7. Whether your tree fell from a storm, or is endangering your property because it is about to fall – we will be there to remove your tree right away.

We also do residential and commercial landscaping in the New Haven county and surrounding areas. Here at Precision Cutting Services, we don’t just cut down trees. From snow removal in the winter to ground maintenance in the summer, we can cover all of your landscaping needs. For residential services, we cover single family houses to large housing complexes. For commercial services, we handle them much differently than residential services. We have the equipment to be able to take care of large=scale commercial business projects.
So if you are in the Durham CT area and are looking for tree removal or landscaping services, then contact Precision Cutting Services today! Have your property maintained by licensed professional tree cutters and landscapers. You can now have your property professionally maintained at a reasonable price!

Summer Tree Removal Services in New Haven County

Tree Cutting Services

If you are in need of tree cutting services in Bethany for the hot summer months, have a reliable and licensed company do it for you. Tree cutting can be a difficult task, and in the warm months, it can be almost impossible to tackle by yourself. Without the proper equipment, it can become a very dangerous job and can potentially cause property damage.


Tree Removal

Our services include tree cutting and removal in the New Haven County and Bethany area, which are done by professional tree cutters. At Precision Cutting Services, our professionals use large trucks to take away trees, stumps, debris and bring the property back to the way it was before we took the tree down. We take pride in being neat and precise, do there is no property damage to be caused. You should always have a professional do this due to the danger of the work. From tree limb cutting to emergency tree removal, we will leave your property looking amazing.


Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

Stumps on property can be unsightly, and need to be taken down. This can easily be done by the expert arborists at PCS. We will dig the stump out by the root, and lift most of it out with a crane. Large or old trees can be very complicated to remove out of the ground. Once the stump is removed, we cover the area with soil or fertilizer for new grass to grow.


When Should I have my Tree Removed?

You should have your tree removed when you notice that your tree is decaying or dead. Any trees that are weak or leaning over should be immediately taken down, as they are the most likely to fall down. We consider them ticking time bombs that could collapse at any minute. This could cause injury or property damage, which should be taken care of before that happens. So do not wait until a dangerous storm comes by to knock down your tree. Take care of your weakened trees today so they do not have to be a worry tomorrow.

So, if you have a weakened or diseased tree do not hesitate to have it taken down. We have 24 hour emergency tree removal services for trees that need to be handled immediately. We carefully take down trees to avoid impact and damage to structures nearby. For safe and precise tree cutting, contact Precision Cutting Services today!


Tree Cutting and Landscaping in Shelton

For the upcoming warm weather, it is wise to plan for lawn services in Shelton ahead of time. With maintaining lawns and trimming trees, it often becomes a task that is hard for one person to handle alone. That is where Precision Cutting Services comes in; a company with years of experience in making lawns look exceptional. From lawn cutting services to stump removal, our services will help you enjoy the summer without having to pick up a single gardening tool.

For our lawn services, we are able to provide quality services at reasonable prices. We supervise the health of your property, to ensure your lawn is in the best condition yet! From commercial landscaping to residential landscaping, our experience and hi-tech equipment can handle any tough challenges. Not only do we specialize in tree cutting, but also in providing you with a multitude of residential and commercial landscaping for any size property and profile. From Fall and Spring cleanups to gardening and lawn mowing, we will get your property in top shape together.

We also have tree cutting services, which help with any regular tree cutting or emergency tree removal situations. We offer 24 hour emergency service, to help assure that you get your tree quickly removed when needed. Our staff has at least 5 years of experience operating the equipment, so that we can assure you a safe and neat job every time. With every tree job, with have specialized mats we lay down so there is no damaged caused to the landscaping.
If you are in need of tree cutting services and are in the Shelton or Ansonia area, contact Precision Cutting Services today! We will help you to imagine the ideal landscape with help from our experts here at PCS. So do not hesitate to call – you will be glad you did!

Springtime in Guilford

It is already Springtime in Guilford, and there are many outdoor things to do in the area. From the beautiful beaches to the natural outdoor scenery, there is not much that you would dislike in Guilford. Guilford boasts of one of the nicest beaches in CT; Jacob’s Beach. The 25 acre beach allows visitors to partake in all kinds of activities including: boating, fishing, picnics, swimming, playing at the playground or playing sports; and more!

Another activity for all ages to enjoy is taking a visit to see the Hyland House Museum. With 500 years of history, this historic museum had roots dating back to the Christopher Columbus era. When Christopher Columbus came to America in 1492, a seed from the acorns he carried eventually sprouted trees along the coast of Connecticut. These trees were used to make The Hyland House.  Is was then inhabited by many prominent families along the years, and since 1918, the Hyland House has been opened to the public as a museum. You can now see things preserved in the house from years ago including: furniture, cookware, spices and herbs.

Guilford also is just a short drive from the Thimble Islands in Branford, and has a few very good wineries. Bishops Orchard is Guilford’s main winery and farm; which gives people of all ages something to do. There are many things for kids to do, like petting the farm animals or picking seasonal fruits. For adults, there are many events going on at the farm, and there is a winery that uses their fruit in season to make various flavors of wine. Guilford is also near Chamard Vineyards in Clinton, which is a short drive from Mystic and Foxwoods.

With the many activities to do in Guilford and surrounding towns, Precision Cutting Services is here to maintain the condition of these commercial properties if needed, and can be there at a moment’s notice for any decaying trees. Any old or diseased trees pose a hazard to Guilford’s beautiful landmarks. With the upcoming unpredictable summer weather, it is always wise to prepare for things to go wrong. Precision cutting services is here 24/7 for emergency tree removal, to give you the peace of mind you deserve this summer. Contact Precision Cutting Services today!

Spring and Summer Lawn Services Offered in Seymour

With Summer just around the corner in Seymour, so be sure to get a head start on lawn services today. Taking care of lawn issues, gardening and tree cutting is better to do now than in the hot summer. Be sure to do all of your lawn services correctly, or else you may have to do it over again. A tree not properly cut or a lawn not properly taken care of can lead to more issues and more money spent down the road. Hire a professional at Precision Cutting Services to help all of your lawn needs for the summer.
For tree cutting services, we have a skilled team and are available 24/7 for emergency tree removal. It is best not to try to remove a tree by yourself due to hazards around the tree, which needs proper equipment. In order to protect your property and your home from damage, get a free estimate with Precision Cutting Services today.
Our lawn services include all seasons – winter to summer. From snow plowing commercial areas – to lawn care and renovations – we have everything to care for your property. We specialize in tree removal, stump grinding and even stump removal. We will leave your property in better shape upon departure than when we first saw it. With an a lawn that is groomed to perfection, your property will be unstoppable this summer!
So, if you are looking for Seymour or Bethany tree removal, than contact Precision Cutting Services today. Our trained staff has at least five years of experience with operating tree removal equipment, to ensure your the safety of your property. If you would like to learn more about our lawn and tree removal services, do not hesitate to call!

Get Your Lawn in Hamden Summer – Ready

If you are looking for landscaping and tree services this summer; look no further than Precision Cutting Services. Here at PCS, we have the  versatility to work with many different outdoor services including tree removal in Hamden. From tree cutting and stump grinding to lawn renovations and mulching – we can get your lawn in its best shape yet.

From the many services we offer, we cover all things lawn care in New Haven County. If you are looking to tidy up your yard for summer, then you have come to the right place. Maybe you want to get your lawn looking in great shape for summer barbecues or family parties, and we can help with just that. We have the experience to handle large-scale commercial landscaping projects, to allow for an inviting space for any business. We offer landscaping design, adding an artistic eye to add to any basic looking lawn.

With simple, easy budgeting plans and a dedicated staff, it’s no wonder why we are a highly rated company. With consistency that you can rely on and a flexible contract, give yourself the peace of mind to know that your lawn is in good hands.

You can manage at-risk trees with our professional tree cutters. Whether your tree is damaged from storms or disease, our team is there to safely remove your tree. Our emergency tree removal team is on call 24/7, and will be there in an instant to help remove any dangerous trees with Hamden tree removal.
So contact us today for a free estimate! We strive to deliver aesthetically pleasing landscaping solutions to everyday customer problems. With every project being unique, we tailor our services to meet the needs for our customers. Our goal is to understand our customers and give them helpful solutions to their all of their landscaping needs.

Exploring Historic Places in Monroe CT

The fountain at Wolfe Park

Monroe, CT is a town located in Fairfield County that was recently featured as Forbes’ “Best Places to Live.” Although it is a bedroom community of New York City, there are still a lot of things to do outside the city.

The Stevenson Dam Hydroelectric Plant is a concrete bridge with a built in dam, that is considered a historic landmark in Connecticut. Built in 1917, the location has three parts that make up the plant: the Stevenson Powerhouse, the Stevenson Dam and the Stevenson Dam Bridge. In 2000, the Plant was listed under the National Register of Historic Places. It is a site to see when the Housatonic river flows under the bridge through the Dam.

Another place locals visit is the Wolfe Park, which sits on 309 acres on land. The Park has tennis courts, an outdoor pool, trails and a lake with a beach. It’s a great place for an evening stroll or run – and it is also ideal for kids with many playgrounds to choose from. If you are looking for a family-friendly getaway, then this should be on your list this Spring to visit. With its many recreational activities offered, it’s a great environment with something for everyone to like!

The Monroe Center Historic District is another location listed under the National Register of Historic Places. It is a 120 acre plot of land, with 60 well-known buildings including the St.Peter’s Church. This area was once inhabited by 600 of the French General’s Rochambeau’s troops during the American Revolutionary War. The Historic District on this day has modern restaurants and shopping to enjoy.
We want you to enjoy the beautiful weather, which is why Precision Cutting Services is here for you for all of your commercial landscaping ct needs. From tree cutting services and stump removal to landscaping, we are here to maintain your property with expertise. If you see weakened trees or falling branches, it is time to contact Precision Cutting Services today. Outdoor activities during the Spring should be enjoyed without hesitation. The experts at Precision Cutting Services will help to ensure that you can fully enjoy the beautiful weather.

Exploring Nature in Woodbridge CT

Enjoy the Outdoors at the Savino Vineyards

Woodbridge is a beautiful town located in New Haven County. Woodbridge is apart of As Spring approaches with beautiful, sunny weather, there are a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Woodbridge has activities to suit many people of different interests. Some popular outdoor things to do is to go hiking at the West Rock State Park. You can hike, walk, and even have picnics at the top of the mountain. You can enjoy the pristine view of New Haven from the top.

The Savino Vineyards is a great hangout for many in New Haven County to enjoy the farmlands while sitting back and enjoying a glass of wine. From farm fresh wines to a wide selection of cheeses, enjoy your Spring evenings in leisure.The Naugatuck State Forest is another popular area for locals with 5,000 acres of land. Some of the recreational activities include: mountain biking, hunting, bird-watching, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and much more! You can find beautiful waterfalls off the trail, that allow for a quiet getaway.

Unfortunately trees can pose dangers with outdoor activities. Because we still want you to enjoy the outdoors worry-free, Precision Cutting Services will give you a free estimate on any trees you want to have removed. So let Precision Cutting Services handle the tough jobs, so you can return to safely enjoying the Spring.

With Spring Around the Corner Durham Offers Great Natural Venues to Enjoy

View of the Pistapaug Pond from the Mountain

With Spring approaching, there are many fun things to enjoy outdoors in
Durham, CT. The many mountains and parks Durham boasts of are not only historical but also beautiful. The Millers Pond State Park expanded from 30 acres in 1955 to 170 acres in 1972. The Pond gets its water from the natural large unpolluted springs that are excellent for fishing.

Another place to explore in Durham is the Tri Mountain state Park and the Trimountain and Pistapaug Mountain. The Tri Mountain State Park is a pristine, remote area between Durham and Wallingford. You can access this through the Mattabesett Trail where you can hike to see gorgeous views from the Traprock Ridge. The park is free to the public, and has 50 miles of trail that rises 500 feet. Talk about a spectacular view!

The Pistapaug Mountain is an even larger mountain. It is 700 feet high, and is located 11 miles from the Northeast part of New Haven. The mountain overlooks the Pistapaug Pond where you can even see bald eagles from time to time. The Coginchaug River runs through pastures and farmlands, giving a scenic view of Durham, Middlefield and Middletown. This is a great river for canoeing and fishing.

As there are many activities to do in Durham this Spring, it is important to consider the dangers of some of these activities. Since these areas are near many trees, you need to consider your safety. The scenery may be beautiful, but trees are always prone to diseases, weakness, and even falling. If you see any trees in your area that may be in danger of falling, let the professionals at Precision Cutting Service handle at-risk trees.