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Spring and Summer Lawn and Tree Services now offered in Hamden

If you are looking for landscaping and tree services this summer; look no further than Precision Cutting Services. Here at PCS, we have the  versatility to work with many different outdoor services including tree removal in Hamden. From tree cutting and stump grinding to lawn renovations and mulching – we can get your lawn in its best shape yet.

From the many services we offer, we cover all things lawn care in New Haven County. If you are looking to tidy up your yard for summer, then you have come to the right place. Maybe you want to get your lawn looking in great shape for summer barbeques or family parties, and we can help with just that. We have the experience to handle large-scale commercial landscaping projects, to allow for an inviting space for any business. We offer landscaping design, adding an artistic eye to add to any basic looking lawn.

With simple, easy budgeting plans and a dedicated staff, it’s no wonder why we are a highly rated company. With consistency that you can rely on and a flexible contract, give yourself the peace of mind to know that your lawn is in good hands.

You can manage at-risk trees with our professional tree cutters. Whether your tree is damaged from storms or disease, our team is there to safely remove your tree. Our emergency tree removal team is on call 24/7, and will be there in an instant to help remove any dangerous trees with Hamden tree removal.

So contact us today for a free estimate! We strive to deliver aesthetically pleasing landscaping solutions to everyday customer problems. With every project being unique, we tailor our services to meet the needs for our customers. Our goal is to understand our customers and give them helpful solutions to their all of their landscaping needs.

Trees in New Haven County

Based on research done for a tree study in New Haven by Yale University, New Haven’s trees – like many other cities – were dying. The uncontrolable Dutch Elm Disease had spread to Dutch Elm Trees in the 1950’s and 1960’s in New Haven, and nearly wiped out their population. Still today, Dutch Elm Disease is affecting the Dutch Elm Trees that are left over. The once beautiful tree that gave New Haven so much history, was quickly being taken away from us.

As a response to the rapid tree loss, Mayor John DeStefano back in 2009 announced the “Tree Haven 10k”. This was a city-wide goal for New Haven to plant 10,000 trees in five years. New Haven, along with major cities such as Los Angeles and New York City, took up a strategy to promote tree growth. New Haven concentrated on areas that needed the most canopy cover by trees, for the best results for the environment. In fact, trees are great for the environment, consuming large amounts of air pollution. Urban cities are in much greater need of tree coverage than rural areas do to dense population. According to Nature World News, more than 80 percent of Americans live in urban areas, proving how important urban forests are to America. Trees are able to absorb about 48 pounds of Carbon Dioxide a year at its mature tenth year (or its most productive year).

Dutch Elm Trees, after they died, have been replaced with with Norway Maple trees. Although one in four trees in New Haven is a Norway Maple Tree, they have a short life span and are dying out. Major threats are spreading to the trees each year throughout the cities, and tree species seem to be suffering for it. The effort by New Haven to plant additional trees has proven to be a success as trees are once again lining streets of the city. Improvements need to be made with additional tree plantings, but progress has been made.

While there has been an increase in trees in New Haven county, the threat of unpredictable New England weather remains. From heavy winds and snow, to hail and occasional hurricanes, New England weather greatly varies. This ends up putting further stress on the trees, which can potentially destroy the them. In a heavy storm, trees can threaten urban areas if limbs or the whole tree falls. That is where Precision Cutting Services comes in hand with CT Tree Removal, to tackle emergency tree removal services. If you have a tree in need of removal and would like a free estimate, contact us today!

Emerald Ash Borer – A New Threat to Connecticut Trees


A recent infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer has made its way to Connecticut. It has been here for 2 or 3 years, but now has greatly spread to many trees in New Haven county. We want to alert the public that many dead or decaying trees have been due to the recent infestation of this beetle.

How Did the Beetle Get Here?

The beetle was originally from China and has made its way here through the international trade of lumber. The concern of this beetle is that once it attacks a tree, there is no way for the tree to be saved. The tree must be removed before it decays and falls. The numbers of this beetle will diminish anytime soon. Dr. Claire Rutledge from the Connecticut Department of Entomology believes that the beetle is directly responsible for the death of many Ash trees all over the state. The beetles are on the third year of infestation, and she explains that in the 6th year, 100 percent of the Ash trees will be dead. In a short amount of time, this beetle can wipe out an entire field of Ash trees. This is concerning to Connecticut’s tree species because some forests have already lost half of their Ash Trees.

Where Does the Beetle Feed?

The beetles are hard to detect as they cannot be seen from the outside of the tree bark. They nest their way on the inside of the tree, and carve holes from one side of the tree to the other making exit holes. They feed on the inside of the trunk, destroying the tree’s structure and making it prone to collapsing.

How Can We Stop the Infestation?

The Forestry Division is encouraging people to “buy local and burn local”. This means that your wood should come from local American sources and should not be bought overseas. To help control the beetle population, a wasp from Asia is one of the predators of the beetle that will be introduced to CT’s trees. It cannot save the trees already affected from this disease, but it can greatly control the pest population, preventing years of further damage.

For a free quote to determine if your trees are safe, contact Precision Cutting Services today. Ash trees that are currently affected need to be taken down with emergency tree removal, or they will continue to get worse. Unfortunately, there is no way to help the trees already affected. By quickly removing dead trees affected by the beetle, you will ensure that the beetle will be prevented from spreading to other Ash trees nearby. Precision Cutting Services will provide a safe, yet effective way to remove the dead trees – but will preserve the ones unaffected.