For landscaping services from an experienced service, trust Precision Cutting Services. With commercial landscaping Milford CT, you can have well-maintained grounds at a reasonable price. Our full-service landscaping and tree removal company has been in business for years, helping residents maintain their lawn without lifting a finger! Let us handle the hard work and put your mind at ease.

Precision Cutting Services specializes in tree cutting and removal as well as a variety of landscaping services. We will supervise the upkeep of your grounds so it will look great for every season. Whether you need lawn cutting, tree removal, snow removal or debris cleanup – Precision Cutting Services is there to help you make a great first impression with your lawn.

Some of the reasons to choose our landscaping services include flexible contracts with flexible budgeting. You’ll get a reliable service that performs consistently well and we offer free estimate for our services services. For lawn care services, this includes drainage & grading, renovations, seeding and sod installation, mulching & bed maintenance and planting of unique gardens.

Our tree removal services include stump grinding, tree cutting, tree removal and emergency tree removal. Whether you need branches cut or trees completely uprooted, Precision Cutting Services is available for Milford CT tree service. If a tree can potentially fall and cause damage, call us for emergency tree removal. This service is available 24/7 for at risk trees. Do not hesitate to call us as a dangerous tree can cause property damage or even result in serious injury. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to have your lawn looking great for all four seasons.