Tree trimming can require very advanced equipment and high climbing. Aerial lifts may be required to reach high branches, along with power tools like trimmers and chainsaws. If you are not trained to do this correctly, you can be at risk for electrocution or falls. It is important if you are not an experienced tree climber to contact someone who is qualified in Tree Removal in Durham CT.


  1. Protective Gear – Always wear gloves when trimming trees and branches. Wear leather lineman’s gloves, which are the protection from this type of job. Wear special glasses to protect your eyes from dust, insects, wood particles, etc. Use ear protection from the loud power tools – earplugs would be a good option. Be mindful of fall protection, and don’t forget to wear slip-free shoes.
  2. Carefully Assess Before Performing the Job – Since every tree job in different, it is important to assess any dangers. Check local weather conditions, sharpen tools, put fall protection into place, inspect equipment, secure your ladder, and perform any other safety methods before starting the job.
  3. Mark Off the Area you Are Working On – Use bright caution tape or cones around the tree you are working on. If your work goes into the road, then wear bright clothing so cars passing by can see you.
  4. Working with a Partner –  It’s important for safety reasons to have someone inspect out any safety issues around the area you are working on. If you are climbing a ladder, someone should be on the ground to stabilize the ladder for you.
  5. No Conductive Tools Near Powerlines – Don’t’ use any tools or equipment that can conduct electricity and start a fire. Ladders, pole trimmers, and various other tools will conduct electricity, so be sure to research the correct tools to use. Any power lines that are down still have electricity, which can still be deadly if you get too close.
  6. Keep Distance From Power Lines – Do not get very close to power lines. Do not get to close unless you have to, and do not turn off power to the lines unless you are trained. Always contact the utility company if your job requires you to get close to any power lines.
  7. Check That Your Tree Is Stable Before You Climb – If your trees have cracks or weakness in them, then it is not safe to climb. A tree lift would be necessary when the tree is too weak.  Do not use weak or dead branches for supporting your weight. When climbing, have someone stay on the ground for safety, and use separate tree limbs for your hands and feet when climbing.