IMG_0004A common reason that a homeowner may not want to remove a tree on their yard is simply the attachment to the tree. Trees provide years of memories, when you think about it. From swinging from branches or climbing trees as a child, to enjoying shade in the summertime during a long, relaxing afternoon, a tree provides shade, shelter, and enjoyment.

However, when trees become unstable over time and begin to die, it’s time to think about having the tree removed. Delaying the removal of the tree can become a safety issue – those considering tree removal in Wallingford, CT should take into account the sudden, damaging thunderstorms that have a tendency to crop up at any time. On June 3, 2015, one of these types of storms, called a ‘microburst,’ touched down in the Wallingford area, taking many trees with it, costing thousands of dollars of damage to homeowners and businesses. Grantham Road in Wallingford was hit especially hard, with homeowners reporting that the storm resembled that of a tornado. A tree fell on a nearby house – no one was hurt, but the tree severed the roof of the house in half.

“No one was hurt” always brings relief when it’s heard, but this isn’t always the case. Precision Cutting Services in Hamden can provide you with every type of tree service you may need. We can perform a complete tree removal, or simply remove branches and overhang that may be causing you some safety concerns. We are fully licensed and insured, and provide free estimates. In addition to tree removal and branch services, we can also provide you with stump grinding and extraction, for trees that have already been removed. Contact us with confidence, knowing we are professional and safety-conscious. For a free estimate, contact us through the Web form on our site, or give Precision Cutting Services a call at (203)466-2400.