This was a tough one – removal of two large trees located extremely close to a residential property, one of which was enclosed on three sides by a backyard deck and the house wall. The other… let’s just say that if it grew any closer to the house, it would be in a pot on the windowsill.

Thankfully, access to the house was relatively easy, and we were able to pull up our trucks without much trouble. As with other tricky removals, we had to carefully cut down and lift away major branches of the tree, then secure the tree trunk to the crane with heavy-duty straps and wires, after which we carefully chainsawed manageable pieces of the trunk while making sure they were balanced in such a way as to minimize chances of sway and damage to the house.

Because of the proximity of the trees to the house, we had to chop the tree trunks into more pieces than we normally would (in fact, the trees were so close to structures that there wasn’t even enough space for the stump grinder attachment).

As you can see from the photos in the gallery, we were able to remove the trees – even the one that had wedged itself against the house siding – while barely leaving a scuff mark on the walls. If you have a tree that grows too close to your house and needs to be removed, give us a call today!

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