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Winter Time Tree Cutting is Necessary to Maintain a Healthy Property


If you are in need of tree cutting services during the winter, PCS is available for emergency tree removal 24/7. We understand that snowstorms have a large impact on landscape and tree health, which is why we will be there as soon as possible to help in case there are fallen branches or trees.

It is a great idea to prepare your trees for winter. Getting your trees inspected before the harsh Connecticut winter storms will help your trees to last a healthy life and bare the cold. Even if you take preventative measures with your trees such as: watering, pruning, mulch, etc – there is still a chance that your tree can become weak from the bitter cold. This can make your tree more vulnerable to cracking and disease.

When your trees are healthy, it is one less thing to worry about. You will ensure the safety of your home and family by having your trees inspected or removed if necessary. There are more obvious signs that a tree should be removed and more subtle ones that may not be seen with the eye. A tree can be damaged or diseased on the inside that would be difficult to notice unless you were a professional tree inspector. 
It is necessary to seek professional tree help especially during the winter. When snow starts falling on trees and branches, it weakens them. If your trees are already weak, this makes your trees more likely to fall and cause damage. Contact Precision Cutting Services for a free tree removal estimate, and manage at risk trees before a snowstorm!

Why it is Important to Prepare Your Trees For the Fall in Seymour

Hydrating Your Trees – Making sure that your trees have enough water to endure the cold Fall months in Seymour is important. A good way to get water directly to the roots is to use subsurface watering which uses an injection probe to deliver water 12 inches into the soil. This is a new way to give trees a relief from drought weather for the perfect commercial landscaping.

Fertilization –  Properly fertilizing your trees will help them get through the fall and winter months. This will help replace the nutrients that your tree needs in order to prevent damage, insect infestation and disease.

Knowing When to Plant – The best time to plant new trees is in the Fall. New trees will have a better chance of surviving the colder months than summer months with excessive heat and drought. In the Fall, trees can spread their roots and have a much better chance surviving the weather.

Preparing for the Cold – Since snow and cold temperatures can also damage trees aside from the hot summers, be sure to protect your trees from extreme weather conditions. It is important before the winter to cable, brace and prune your trees. You can do the pruning before Winter starts, since pruning in the Fall will be easier with trees having no leaves.

So if you are looking to take care of your trees before the extreme cold weather hits, you should apply these tips to all of your trees in both Seymour and Monroe. Extra care goes a long way, and you trees will be healthier than ever by the Spring. However, if your trees for some reason do not last through the Fall or Winter months, contact Precision Cutting Services today for tree removal.

Summer Services are Still Available for Shelton CT

The summer is still not over in Shelton CT, and our summer landscaping and tree cutting services are still being offered. We do landscaping and tree cutting throughout all seasons of the year, but it is best to take care of trees and landscaping before the cold fall and winter months. It is much more difficult to maintain landscapes in the winter.

If you see any trees that need attention, now is the time to call Precision Cutting Services. Trees that are leaning or have branches falling should be taken care of right away before bad storm come in the fall or winter. Even if you do not see any tree damage from the outside, it is best to get the examined before well before a big winter storm.

There are many things internally that can be wrong with a tree and should be ruled out before major weather events. Trees can be decaying from the inside and weakening – without you even knowing! 75 percent of trees that fall could have prevented the fall from an annual tree inspection. Trees should especially be inspected after big storms, to ensure that it is safe to go out in your yard.

After consulting with a professional tree cutter, some trees are not able to be saved and need to be cut down. Things like dead or hanging branches can be removed, but when a tree is leaning or is diseased – it most likely needs to be taken down. With everyone’s safety in mind, it is often the best option to remove a tree that is having a problem.

Many tree problems can be prevented from a tree inspection. Not all inspections lead to a tree being taken down. Both healthy and unhealthy tree should be inspected regularly. Tree inspections made by the owner should be made from the ground, and a tree arborist can make the inspections from a ladder. If you can see from the ground that the tree is a hazard keep people, pets and everything around it away from the tree. Then call an arborist for an emergency tree removal. These trees are a liability and can fall at any time. Whether you need an emergency tree removal or just need your trees and lawn inspected before the fall and winter – you can rely on Precision Cutting Services to be there! Contact them today.

Spring and Summer Lawn Services Offered in Seymour

With Summer just around the corner in Seymour, so be sure to get a head start on lawn services today. Taking care of lawn issues, gardening and tree cutting is better to do now than in the hot summer. Be sure to do all of your lawn services correctly, or else you may have to do it over again. A tree not properly cut or a lawn not properly taken care of can lead to more issues and more money spent down the road. Hire a professional at Precision Cutting Services to help all of your lawn needs for the summer.
For tree cutting services, we have a skilled team and are available 24/7 for emergency tree removal. It is best not to try to remove a tree by yourself due to hazards around the tree, which needs proper equipment. In order to protect your property and your home from damage, get a free estimate with Precision Cutting Services today.
Our lawn services include all seasons – winter to summer. From snow plowing commercial areas – to lawn care and renovations – we have everything to care for your property. We specialize in tree removal, stump grinding and even stump removal. We will leave your property in better shape upon departure than when we first saw it. With an a lawn that is groomed to perfection, your property will be unstoppable this summer!
So, if you are looking for Seymour or Bethany tree removal, than contact Precision Cutting Services today. Our trained staff has at least five years of experience with operating tree removal equipment, to ensure your the safety of your property. If you would like to learn more about our lawn and tree removal services, do not hesitate to call!

Spring and Summer Lawn and Tree Services now offered in Hamden

If you are looking for landscaping and tree services this summer; look no further than Precision Cutting Services. Here at PCS, we have the  versatility to work with many different outdoor services including tree removal in Hamden. From tree cutting and stump grinding to lawn renovations and mulching – we can get your lawn in its best shape yet.

From the many services we offer, we cover all things lawn care in New Haven County. If you are looking to tidy up your yard for summer, then you have come to the right place. Maybe you want to get your lawn looking in great shape for summer barbeques or family parties, and we can help with just that. We have the experience to handle large-scale commercial landscaping projects, to allow for an inviting space for any business. We offer landscaping design, adding an artistic eye to add to any basic looking lawn.

With simple, easy budgeting plans and a dedicated staff, it’s no wonder why we are a highly rated company. With consistency that you can rely on and a flexible contract, give yourself the peace of mind to know that your lawn is in good hands.

You can manage at-risk trees with our professional tree cutters. Whether your tree is damaged from storms or disease, our team is there to safely remove your tree. Our emergency tree removal team is on call 24/7, and will be there in an instant to help remove any dangerous trees with Hamden tree removal.

So contact us today for a free estimate! We strive to deliver aesthetically pleasing landscaping solutions to everyday customer problems. With every project being unique, we tailor our services to meet the needs for our customers. Our goal is to understand our customers and give them helpful solutions to their all of their landscaping needs.

Guilford CT Boasts of Outdoor Activities

The town of Guilford, CT boasts of many things to do. Some of the great activities can be found outdoors, for tguilford_trail_tree_removalhe whole family to enjoy. From hiking and fishing to cycling and climbing mountains, there’s outdoor activities for all skill levels.

One of the favored activities of Guilford is to hike along the Westwood Trails. This trail is 39 miles long, where hikers can walk, run or bike along the trail. The trail consists of many natural rock formations, caves, streams, lakes and rivers. Swimming is also an option for the adventurous travelers. Easier activities like bird watching, camping and picnicking are also things local residents do here.

Places to enjoy the water would include Chaffinch Island, Jacobs beach and Lake Quonnipaug. Chaffinch Island has small walking trails, areas to have picnics and even an area to go swimming. Jacobs Beach has public swimming, areas for picnics, volleyball courts and a playground. Lake Quonnipaug has a public swimming area and an area for family picnics. For people who prefer not to swim, Mill Pond in Guilford is an area where people in the summer can fish, and in the winter can ice skate.

5-7-13-12Another mountainous rock area in Northwest Guilford stretches from Vermont to Long Island Sound. This Metacomet Ridge consists of the Totoket Mountain, which contains the Mattabesett Trail. The length of this trail stretches 50 miles long, and is ideal for biking, walking, running or hiking.

With the many outdoor activities to do, there is a chance that severe weather can weaken trees and branches along these landmarks. Since Milford is close to Guilford, it is important to also consider Milford tree removal when you need trees removed in your area. Weakened trees along trails have the potential to fall or damage a trail. Preserving Guilford’s natural beauty should be a priority, along with the safety of its citizens. Be prepared for tree damage with the help of
Guilford Tree Removal. Preparation is always the best method to prevent damage to a town’s Parks and Recreation.

Trees in New Haven County

Based on research done for a tree study in New Haven by Yale University, New Haven’s trees – like many other cities – were dying. The uncontrolable Dutch Elm Disease had spread to Dutch Elm Trees in the 1950’s and 1960’s in New Haven, and nearly wiped out their population. Still today, Dutch Elm Disease is affecting the Dutch Elm Trees that are left over. The once beautiful tree that gave New Haven so much history, was quickly being taken away from us.

As a response to the rapid tree loss, Mayor John DeStefano back in 2009 announced the “Tree Haven 10k”. This was a city-wide goal for New Haven to plant 10,000 trees in five years. New Haven, along with major cities such as Los Angeles and New York City, took up a strategy to promote tree growth. New Haven concentrated on areas that needed the most canopy cover by trees, for the best results for the environment. In fact, trees are great for the environment, consuming large amounts of air pollution. Urban cities are in much greater need of tree coverage than rural areas do to dense population. According to Nature World News, more than 80 percent of Americans live in urban areas, proving how important urban forests are to America. Trees are able to absorb about 48 pounds of Carbon Dioxide a year at its mature tenth year (or its most productive year).

Dutch Elm Trees, after they died, have been replaced with with Norway Maple trees. Although one in four trees in New Haven is a Norway Maple Tree, they have a short life span and are dying out. Major threats are spreading to the trees each year throughout the cities, and tree species seem to be suffering for it. The effort by New Haven to plant additional trees has proven to be a success as trees are once again lining streets of the city. Improvements need to be made with additional tree plantings, but progress has been made.

While there has been an increase in trees in New Haven county, the threat of unpredictable New England weather remains. From heavy winds and snow, to hail and occasional hurricanes, New England weather greatly varies. This ends up putting further stress on the trees, which can potentially destroy the them. In a heavy storm, trees can threaten urban areas if limbs or the whole tree falls. That is where Precision Cutting Services comes in hand with CT Tree Removal, to tackle emergency tree removal services. If you have a tree in need of removal and would like a free estimate, contact us today!

Tree Diseases in the Summer

Many people worry about damage to trees in the winter, but the Summer is when trees are the most damaged from storms and disease. The structural damage to trees in the summer from different fungus, insects and storms are even more concerning than the ice damage caused in the winter. It’s always good to have your trees checked over to make sure they are in proper condition and health.


Many types of trees during the summer are unfortunately affected by the different weather elements during the summer. Birch trees are the most common trees to have stress from the different conditions. During the summer, beetles called Bronze Birch Borer feed below the bark of the tree – where it’s rich in nutrients. They usually attack trees under stress, but most aged birch trees are all under some level of stress. These beetles can be eliminated with insecticides to ensure your tree remains in proper health.


July is a common month to start seeing crab apple trees become diseased and lose their leaves prematurely. This is due to Apple Scrab, a fungus that attacks the tree. By the time people notice the trees losing leaves, it may be too late to control the condition. This will not kill the tree, but will damage and reduce the value of the tree. Trees become infected often in early spring, so be sure to take preventative measures before it’s too late.


elmAnother disease that will affect trees during the summer is the Dutch Elm Disease which is a fungus that will attack the tree which cause brown streaking in the wood and leaves to turn from yellow to brown.Fungicides injected into the trunk of the tree will prevent the tree from becoming diseased.
It is important to take preventative measures this summer in order to keep your trees in top shape. If your trees become diseased, proper removal may be necessary with a licensed tree removal service in Hamden CT. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (203)466-2400.

When a Tree Should be Removed

Do not hesitate when you see something strange going on with your tree. There are many reasons trees may need to be removed from your property from old age to disease. Trees that are too old become a risk to you and your family’s safety. In this case, the best option is to have your tree removed rather than endanger your household.


Some of the signs to look for to call in someone to evaluate your trees are:


Examining for any leaning of the trees
Some trees lean naturally, but if this happens to be new with your tree, than your tree can be very unstable. Any tree that is leaning is usually means that it is in danger of dying or is already dead. Contacting us or Tree removal in Hamden CT may be your best option!

Inspect the Tree Trunk
Any cracks or cavities in the trunk can destabilize the structure. Trees should be examined to see if they are structurally sound; this does not necessarily mean they have to be removed. A cavity may be small enough for the tree to handle, or it may be too large for the tree to hold up on its own.

Inspect the Roots
You can get a lot of information on the health of your tree by inspecting its roots. When the roots are damaged or decaying, the tree will not have a good structure to stand on. This means that your tree may have lost its structural support, and can potentially fall. If the base of the tree has space between the tree and the ground, that is also a sign that your tree’s structure is compromised. This can cause tree lean and cause tree damage.

Have a Canopy Inspection Done
A canopy inspection needs to be done by a professional. This will find the hidden and most dangerous branches on the tree. There may be little to no signs that a branch is broken or dead until after the break. Any branch that has bark missing or dead leaves usually means the branch is not being held up by the tree. These are the branches that need to be removed immediately for safety reasons.