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Why it is Important to Prepare Your Trees For the Fall in Seymour

Hydrating Your Trees – Making sure that your trees have enough water to endure the cold Fall months in Seymour is important. A good way to get water directly to the roots is to use subsurface watering which uses an injection probe to deliver water 12 inches into the soil. This is a new way to give trees a relief from drought weather for the perfect commercial landscaping.

Fertilization –  Properly fertilizing your trees will help them get through the fall and winter months. This will help replace the nutrients that your tree needs in order to prevent damage, insect infestation and disease.

Knowing When to Plant – The best time to plant new trees is in the Fall. New trees will have a better chance of surviving the colder months than summer months with excessive heat and drought. In the Fall, trees can spread their roots and have a much better chance surviving the weather.

Preparing for the Cold – Since snow and cold temperatures can also damage trees aside from the hot summers, be sure to protect your trees from extreme weather conditions. It is important before the winter to cable, brace and prune your trees. You can do the pruning before Winter starts, since pruning in the Fall will be easier with trees having no leaves.

So if you are looking to take care of your trees before the extreme cold weather hits, you should apply these tips to all of your trees in both Seymour and Monroe. Extra care goes a long way, and you trees will be healthier than ever by the Spring. However, if your trees for some reason do not last through the Fall or Winter months, contact Precision Cutting Services today for tree removal.

Tree Cutting and Landscaping in Shelton

For the upcoming warm weather, it is wise to plan for lawn services in Shelton ahead of time. With maintaining lawns and trimming trees, it often becomes a task that is hard for one person to handle alone. That is where Precision Cutting Services comes in; a company with years of experience in making lawns look exceptional. From lawn cutting services to stump removal, our services will help you enjoy the summer without having to pick up a single gardening tool.

For our lawn services, we are able to provide quality services at reasonable prices. We supervise the health of your property, to ensure your lawn is in the best condition yet! From commercial landscaping to residential landscaping, our experience and hi-tech equipment can handle any tough challenges. Not only do we specialize in tree cutting, but also in providing you with a multitude of residential and commercial landscaping for any size property and profile. From Fall and Spring cleanups to gardening and lawn mowing, we will get your property in top shape together.

We also have tree cutting services, which help with any regular tree cutting or emergency tree removal situations. We offer 24 hour emergency service, to help assure that you get your tree quickly removed when needed. Our staff has at least 5 years of experience operating the equipment, so that we can assure you a safe and neat job every time. With every tree job, with have specialized mats we lay down so there is no damaged caused to the landscaping.
If you are in need of tree cutting services and are in the Shelton or Ansonia area, contact Precision Cutting Services today! We will help you to imagine the ideal landscape with help from our experts here at PCS. So do not hesitate to call – you will be glad you did!